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 If angels really play harp May 29, 2017
By tom sontag (saint louis, MO) -- See All My Reviews
Then this is the music they are playing in my corner of heaven. Meditative, haunting, beautiful, tranquil, sedating. If you dislike Glass and/or harp then this may not be for you, but this disc gives us the best of both. Report Abuse

 Glass on the Harp March 14, 2013
By Christopher FOGG (HAWES, North Yorkshire) -- See All My Reviews
This is an excellent recording and performance and matches well with the photo of Lavinia Meijer on the cover. It's soothing and contemplative and as minimalist music goes is very easy on the ear. It takes you off into a spiritual world of harmony and peace. Well worth the experience... Thanks. Chris Fogg. Report Abuse

 A delightful listen February 26, 2013
By Matthew J MacKay (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island) -- See All My Reviews
Glass' music lends itself to the harp, and this album is a pleasure to listen to. I almost did not buy this after watching the silly video on the site. But I am glad I did. It is very listenable. I can't judge the performance or level of skill as I'm no expert. But I can recommend this as a welcome addition to your library. Report Abuse

 A real Find February 18, 2013
By Adrian R. (Renton, WA) -- See All My Reviews
This recording combines the talents of Philip Glass with Lavina Meijer's harp. The result is both a perfect background of relaxing sound as well as specific pieces that make one listen and enjoy. Recommended. Report Abuse

 Rockin' Minor Thirds February 12, 2013
By Jay Singer (Pepper Pike, OH) -- See All My Reviews
I've enjoyed quite a bit of Glass' music over the years starting with a wonderful performance of "Einstein on the Beach" at BAM ~30 years ago. (I have the original Tomato records.) I have all of the 'quatsi' films, too and, on a related note, I enjoy the slowly developing urgency of many Indian ragas. Nevertheless, this SACD is a disappointment. A huge portion of the music is based on repetitive rocking minor thirds with chordal overlays and simple melodies. I understand the idea of minimalism but, this music is extremely static and....boring. The performance by Meijer is fine, as is the sonic quality of the recording. I suppose I'm leaning towards the music of Adams' and Reich, both of whom have continued to develop new, interesting works in this general genre. Report Abuse

 Unique February 9, 2013
By Kathleen Sagmiller S. (Poulsbo, WA) -- See All My Reviews
A rare find of solo harp. Interesting to consider these are piano pieces transposed for harp. Lavinia Meijer lends her strength of performance to this collection of amazing quality and clarity. Report Abuse

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