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 Got Me Through the Holidays January 9, 2014
By J. Cooke (Berkeley, CA) -- See All My Reviews
The Christmas crush craziness was vastly eased by this gorgeously peaceful music. Driving in the evening, passing houses dressed in holiday lights against the darkness of the night, I would play this music and feel the serene beauty of the winter season. Report Abuse

 Save your money! January 9, 2014
By Thomas M. (Bogota, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
While the songs included in this collection are very good, the Vasari Singers are not. The highest-ranging sopranos (who, though apparently adult women, sound strangely like boys) are shrill, and frequently off-pitch. They sadly ruin what could have been an excellent Christmas entertainment. Save your money! Report Abuse

 A Christmas Dream January 16, 2013
By Joseph Erdeljac (West Chester, PA) -- See All My Reviews
The Vasari Singers under Jeremy Backhouse is the star of this recording. Each and every delightful and varied selection is performed with deep feeling and emotion and impeccably executed. When putting on this recording one wants to just sit and listen and soak it all in over and over again. A wonderful addition to the Christmas repertoire. Report Abuse

 Mesmerizing. Magnificent. Heavenly. December 13, 2012
By Daniel L. (El Cajon, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I adore this disc. It is instantly my favorite Christmas disc of the year. Report Abuse

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