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 What is wrong with Kirill Karabits? March 12, 2013
By David R. (Pine, CO) -- See All My Reviews
Karabits is such a boring conductor, he quite succesfully manages to bring this entire disc down to the level of routine and dull. It's a pity, because Nicola Benedetti plays gorgeously and passionately throughout, showing an obvious love for this music. But Karabits just ignores her, buries his head in the score and watches the clock until nap time. How anyone can be so unresponsive to his partner is baffling (I'd hate to be his wife). In the Korngold concerto, Karabits is so disinterested his tempos sag in all 3 movements and he lags behind when Benedetti tries to move things along. He can't inspire his players to any sense of involvement or even a proper climax. Decca's recording doesn't do either of them any favors either. They've got the mic so close to Benedetti that her very passion can sometimes be too intense, espcially during the concerto. Her larger-than-life, forward placement further emphasizes how limp Karabits's orchestra is. The purely cinematic items on the disc suffer less than the concerto because the orchestral players dutifully follow Benedetti's passionate lead quite nicely, despite the sleeping figure on the podium. Probably the best thing here is track 3 (from Scent of a Woman), where Benedetti plays with just a piano, accordion and cello. But here Decca's recording is at its most congested and confused-sounding; a mess technically. I feel sorry for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. They went from the inept Marin Alsop to the even more inept Kirill Karabits as music director. They deserve better; certainly Nicola Benedetti does. If only Decca had had the foresight to record this mostly American program in America with an American orchesta. Benedetti with Dudamel in LA: now THAT would have been a great record! Report Abuse

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