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 The King's Singers: Lord's Prayer February 4, 2014
By L. Downer -- See All My Reviews
This is quite a switch from the King's Singers 12 Days of Christmas. Our family is still chuckling about that. My wife has had 4 years of Latin in high school so this is more meaningful to her but I like to leave the CD on when we are away from home. Feel it is better security than Kenco. Report Abuse

 Who sings well, prays twice August 28, 2013
By Jim  D. -- See All My Reviews
Forty years on, there can be few areas of vocal music unexplored by the King's Singers, from Janequin to the Beatles (as their one album title has it), singing a cappella all over the world, though this may be the first time the six gents have recorded in the States. As the group originally spun off of one of the great British chapel choirs, it's no surprise that they are quite at home in sacred music, and their latest disc is based on the most famous of all prayers. The program begins and ends with the early chant setting of the words; the complete prayer is set by six different composers, and other selections are chosen to relate to individual lines of the text. ("Give us this day our daily bread," for example, leads to Palestrina's "I am the Living Bread.") Of course the personnel have changed over the years, but the perfectly tuned sound remains quite consistent, with the current sopranist and tenor--for my money--the best singers to fill those positions. Booklet with texts and translations. Report Abuse

 Good anthology of unaccompanied choral literature May 4, 2013
By R Gregory Capaldini (Arlington, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Eight versions of the Lord's Prayer, in Latin or in the vernacular, are the skeleton of this program the Kings Singers. With two countertenors, a tenor, two baritones and a bass, the group takes on an impressive cross-section of a-cappella literature for one to six parts. (Some pieces are transposed from their familiar published versions, but that may actually put some pieces back in their original key.) Not surprisingly, there is an emphasis on Renaissance polyhphony, with Lassus and Palestrina being the only composers represented twice. There are also excursions to the Anglican Revival via Harris and Wood, the French 20th century courtesy Durufle and Poulenc (ravishing 4 Prayers of St. Francis!), and the edges of the repertoire, e.g., a Zielenski setting and Bernstein's often-forgotten monodic setting from "Mass." Phrasing and intonation are mostly quite fine, though my ear says the top is a tad too prominent at times. Most selections are short, but a couple, like Victoria's "Popule meus," feel a bit longwinded. A through translation of texts is provided. Report Abuse

 Bravi, Pater Noster February 28, 2013
By Burr C Phillips (Dallas, TX) -- See All My Reviews
This is one beautifully conceived, elegantly recorded and brilliantly sung performance. It is a joy to hear this always detailed ensemble perform with such conviction and commitment. This collection has become not only a favored listening gem for me, but also a favorite gift to offer to many in my musical world who love gorgeous choral literature and prize exquisite singing. Hats off to the stunning King's Singers. Report Abuse

 King's Singers...The World's Best February 6, 2013
By GERALD J. SCHULTZ (Hendersonville, NC) -- See All My Reviews
I was privledged to be present at this performance recording session by Naxos. The Cathedral space and accoustics were lovely. The King's Singers at there best! Report Abuse

 Choral reflections on the Lords prayer November 28, 2012
By William Van Duzen (Burlington, IA) -- See All My Reviews
Absolutely beautiful music for a steal. Ten Stars. Report Abuse

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