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 Great compilation August 19, 2014
By Hugues Dionne -- See All My Reviews
All the recordings are very good and the sound quality is great. Many hours of great music played close to perfection with the proper 'dose' of emotion. Nice book inside. Don't hesitate if you are looking for a wide range of piano music in one box... Report Abuse

 Outstanding March 21, 2014
By jose carlos c freire FREIRE (PESQUEIRA , PERNAMBUCO) -- See All My Reviews
One of my best item ever. I would like to order more to give gifts to friends but... now the price is a lot more expensive. Report Abuse

 One of the best bargains available March 19, 2014
By M. Lamb (Sudbury, ON) -- See All My Reviews
Superlative performances that will give me years of enjoyment. Although I have other recordings of many of these pieces I'm sure I won't tire of hearing these interpretations from one of the most eminent pianists of the present day. Report Abuse

 What a deal! February 21, 2014
By Richard  L. (North Port, FL) -- See All My Reviews
I've never purchased a collection like this, but 68 CDs for about $70 was too good a deal to pass up... Hours and hours of listening pleasure from a true virtuoso, from very familiar pieces to others you probably hadn't thought to add to your collection. A beautiful, affordable package! Report Abuse

 Bargain February 21, 2014
By a m. (savannah, GA) -- See All My Reviews
Excellent value for the money.DVD's a bonus. Report Abuse

 40 years of marvellous playing. February 11, 2014
By Jean-Pierre L. (Piedmont, QC) -- See All My Reviews
What can we say about this almost perfect coffret. Murray Perahia is one of the top pianist of his generation but concerning Bach and Mozart he's on top. At the price I payed it it's a blessing! Report Abuse

 Terrific value January 28, 2014
By Lawrence R. (North Kingstown, RI) -- See All My Reviews
You will find many quality recordings that you will thoroughly enjoy. The 5 dvd's and the book are a great addition to the set. Don't let the bargain price scare you. Report Abuse

 fabulous survery of a great career January 10, 2014
By keith bond (Edgecliff, NSW) -- See All My Reviews
This is one of the great compendiums of gramophone history. Splendid recordings of this magnificent pianist: a musician who has been consistently in top form for going on half a century. His playing is both magisterial and tender. Over 70 CDs and DVDs for this miniscule price is astonishing value Report Abuse

 Great performances, amazing value May 8, 2013
By C A G. (BRUNSWICK, ME) -- See All My Reviews
My wife, who is a pianist, says that when you listen to Murray Perahia play you hear the music as the composer meant it to be played, that it is just right. I am not as musically literate as she is; I just know that the notes are crisp and I want to say "YES". To have all this music at such a low price is a great gift. Bravo Perahia and Bravo Arkiv! Report Abuse

 A fitting tribute May 5, 2013
By T. Drake (South Euclid, OH) -- See All My Reviews
I can think of no living musician on Sony Classical's roster more deserving of tribute than pianist Murray Perahia. Since 1972, he's recorded a broad swath of the repertoire at a consistently high level. No doubt, Sony also appreciates Perahia's loyalty to the label and its predecessor, Columbia (later CBS) Masterworks. Today, many think of Perahia, 65 at the time of this writing, as a Mozart and Bach specialist. But looking over the sequence of recordings as originally issued, his initial concentration was on Schumann, Chopin, and Mendelssohn. Perahia's style evolved over the years: after the first ardent recordings of the early Romantics, he adopted a more conservative style as evidenced by his series of self-conducted Mozart concertos (still my favorite complete set of these works); In the 1990s, Perahia expanded into more extroverted repertoire and a virtuosic performing style, before hand injuries - not performance related - forced a withdrawal from public performances, a time Perahia used to study Bach. Anyone with doubts as to the current state of Perahia's technique need only listen to the most recent recording in the set: Brahms' Handel Variations. (According to an interview in the accompanying book, Perahia is now planning to record Bach's French Suites.) At every stage of his evolution, Perahia has demonstrated a rare balance in his playing: he's able to convey the structure of the music without sounding dryly analytical; his technique is solid but never meretricious; his tone is lovely without being an end in itself; the emotional temperature of his playing seems "just right" for each piece. In addition to Perahia's complete Columbia/Sony recordings, a 1967 recording on the Vox label is included, and five DVD's. In all matters of presentation, Sony has gotten things right. The original album format recreates the sequence of the LPs and, later, CDs - the original jacket covers and labels are also reproduced. As a result, the playing time for the first decade's worth of albums is short, but at the budget price the set's offered at, why fret? I'd rather have short playing times than clumsily sequenced compilation albums. The beautifully illustrated book contains track information, an index of compositions, and the complete English language liner notes for each album (in addition, a website address is provided with the notes in French and German). All recordings made prior to 1989 have been newly remastered, with pronounced improvement in the sound quality: the strident treble that was heard on early CD issues has been tamed, and the dynamic range has been increased - yielding a warmer, more vibrant sound picture. This set is a great bargain, both musically and in terms of overall value. Judging how previous boxes for Horowitz, Rubinstein, and Heifetz have escalated in price, snap it up while you can. Report Abuse

 Correlating CD cover info with the CD tracks January 14, 2013
By Robert B. (Victoria, BC) -- See All My Reviews
The older CD covers merely reproduce in miniature the vinyl LP jacket, and the CD itself carries in miniature a reproduction of one side only of the vinyl LP. This practice makes difficult a correlation of the CD tracks with the information on the CD cover. Probably the easiest solution is to provide in the accompanying book a brief summary of at least the older recordings with CD tracks identified. Report Abuse

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