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 dont like it October 18, 2012
By alan fetterly (toronto, ON) -- See All My Reviews
I saw this ring in the theatre. It has some good moments but mostly I really didnt care for it. I liked the old production the Met had, it worked for me. I dont know about other people, but I am getting tired of directors putting their signature on things and not letting the original thoughts come to fruition. You need a road map most of the time. I love Terfel, he makes the set worthwhile but unfortunately he is not in all the operas. Voigt is pushed to her limits and I fond her voice too strident and shrill at times. Kauffman is okay but a case of another young talent ruining his voice with too many heavy roles so early in his career. I disliked Le Pages monster machine. It had its moments but I could have lived without it. You be the judge. Report Abuse

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