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 My gosh; it blows me away! April 16, 2013
By Stanley J. (Baltimore, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I am not a Ring lover, but these performances capture my imagination and help me to appreciate what Wagner has attempted to create. Have seen other performances of the Ring (live and recorded). Like this one for clarity in acting, beauty in singing, fascinating settings and powerful orchestra wonderfully led. Report Abuse

 Fantastic! December 13, 2012
By William N. (Baldwinsville, NY) -- See All My Reviews
I saw all 4 productions in the movie theaters, and Die Walkure, live at the Met, in April, 2011. Wagner's Ring is impossible to create as he might have imagined. There have been brilliant realizations in the past and of course, some that were terrible. This one is superb. Nothing is perfect, but this Ring is never less than captivating, visually wonderful, and beautifully sung. The whole concept of the "machine" is quite remarkable and absolutely fascinating. I thought it was very creative, clever, and that it worked as a total production. The projections were amazing, the singers were really involved, and enough, already, with objections to singers! Try to sing these roles yourself and you'll begin to back off. I found Voigt to be wonderful, youthful, beautiful, and exciting. Terfel was a bit removed from the whole affair, but never less than acceptable-- that's not right -- he was wonderful -- just sometimes acted as if he wanted to be done with it and go get a beer. Blythe was mindblowing and Kaufman the best tenor singing and acting ever. We caught Levine at one of his last performances at the Met, but Luigi was just wonderful in the other productions in HD. If you are not familiar with this production, you will be thoroughly impressed by it at this price. Enjoy... Report Abuse

 It's BIG, very BIG  November 11, 2012
By Chris Mier (Melbourne, Victoria) -- See All My Reviews
If you’ve seen the recent Met Ring Cycle, either live (lucky you) or perhaps in the Cinema as I did all the way from Melbourne Australia, you’ll know what to expect with this release. For you the question becomes, do you want to own it at home? You might want to consider that carefully if you only have a small screen TV or other versions on DVD already. While I love my Wagner some my views might be corrected technically by a purist, but almost everything else about this cycle if what you’ll love or hate, not what’s particularly good or because it is good. If you haven’t seen any of it, it’s BIG, VERY BIG! It perhaps not that different sound wise to how Rings have been produced musically in the last 20 years and musically it’s very solid and professional. Players and singers don’t miss much; certainly you won’t hear any flat notes. They all have emotion on tap and they take you with them. Debra Voight, Bryn Terfel, Eric Owens and a surprisingly wonderful Jay Hunter Morris stand out for me, there “mojo” is working (can I use the word mojo in an opera review?). Everyone else is good to very good and often shine for time when their role is highlighted. 2011 technology makes it the best live sound you’ll get at the moment. Bless James Levine, Fabio Luisi as often as you want too! But the Staging and the Set is what makes this production very different. It’s huge and technically remarkable. Things are projected onto it; a little bird, the Rhine for the maidens, a ring of frightening fire or the set simply revolving and evolving before your eyes. I have 2 other versions on DVD that I love but this one is a visual feast which lifts an already wonderful cast even higher. You might like or hate Le Pages monster machine – I love it, but it’s not for the traditionalists. I’m glad they released it so quickly and that I rushed our and bought it. Report Abuse

 Wagner’s Ring Cycle - 2012 -Met. Opera.  October 22, 2012
By Luke Bryant (Oakleigh South, Victoria) -- See All My Reviews
I have now experienced this New York Metropolitan Opera 2012 production, available both on DVD and Blue-ray. This must be the finest, closest realization of Wagner’s intentions to date. From here, surely the next logical interpretation of this great work needs to be produced in a major film studio where magic, Gods flying through the air on horseback, fire, giants, dragons, etc. coupled to flashback techniques could produce a Ring Cycle even more worthy of Wagner’s vision. Major stage performances around the world continue to fill Opera Houses, Clearly, film production costs etc. would soon be eclipsed by DVD and Blue-ray sales. Before then, do not miss this great performance – its a stunner! Luke Bryant. Report Abuse

 dont like it October 18, 2012
By alan fetterly (toronto, ON) -- See All My Reviews
I saw this ring in the theatre. It has some good moments but mostly I really didnt care for it. I liked the old production the Met had, it worked for me. I dont know about other people, but I am getting tired of directors putting their signature on things and not letting the original thoughts come to fruition. You need a road map most of the time. I love Terfel, he makes the set worthwhile but unfortunately he is not in all the operas. Voigt is pushed to her limits and I fond her voice too strident and shrill at times. Kauffman is okay but a case of another young talent ruining his voice with too many heavy roles so early in his career. I disliked Le Pages monster machine. It had its moments but I could have lived without it. You be the judge. Report Abuse

 THE NEW RING AT THE MET October 9, 2012
By daniel abrahams (palm bay, FL) -- See All My Reviews

 QUITE A RING October 9, 2012
By Arthur Schroeck (Henderson, NV) -- See All My Reviews
I saw the whole thing in the movie theaters. This isn't one of my favorite productions but it is astounding and something to see and should be seen.. The singers are wonderful My favorite production of the ring was the Von Karajan. A great production but I only liked the singers on Walkure. Crespin is my favorite Brunhilde of all time. I could sit though an entire Ring in one day no matter the production. Walkure and Siegfried are my favorite Operas Report Abuse

 A magical Ring cycle October 9, 2012
By Adam R. (Berkeley, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Although I love Wagner's music and enjoy listening to recorded excerpts of operatic scenes and orchestra preludes and interludes, sitting through an single episode of the Ring, let alone the entire cycle, has been an exercise in boredom. But after watching this Ring in the live Met HD performance, I jumped at the chance to acquire this DVD version. For me, this was the first time that the Ring really came alive in performance. The cast throughout is superb. Jay Hunter Morris brings exuberance, youth, and a phenomenal voice to Siegfried--just what the role needs. He's going to be a superstar. Deborah Voigt sings wonderfully, and her chemistry with Morris kept me glued to the screen. The performances of Kaufmann, Terfel, and Owens also stood out. As well as being wonderfully sung, the whole production is terrifically acted. Gerhard Siegel as Mime is particularly good. The cinematic filming uses close-ups to good effect to make emotional conflict more immediate. I have heard a lot of criticism of the set, a huge accomplishment of mechanical engineering in its own right, but found that instead of distancing me from the operas, it made their mythic impact more real. I recommend watching the included documentary, "Wagner's Dream," which explains the staging and the development of the set. Report Abuse

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