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 Very good vocally, average orchestrally January 23, 2013
By Troy K. (Oro Valley, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
I enjoyed most of the vocal work in this Don Giovanni quite a bit. DiDonato and Pisaroni are superb and I thought Villazon was very good as well (which somewhat surprised me because I would not think he was a good fit for Don Ottavio). The rest of the cast sings well without a weak performance. I was less happy with the conducting and orchestral contribution. There seemed to be a lack of energy and the orchestra sound is more recessed than I prefer. Nezet-Seguin was not a conductor I was familiar with before hearing this recording. I cannot say his work here is anything other than average. I also really hate the booklet essay. Instead of discussing the composer, the opera or its history, it goes on and on about the brillance of the conductor, the cast members and the orchestra. The booklet is simply promotional material of the worse kind and DG should be embarrassed to have printed this. Another minor complaint: how about identifying if the opera follows the Vienna or Prague version on the outside of the box? (It is a combination of both) My favorite Don Giovanni is John Eliot Gardiner's version, with Rene Jacobs being a close second. This does not challenge those favorites of mine. Report Abuse

 One of the best... December 21, 2012
By Michael Travis Risner (Denver, CO) -- See All My Reviews
This recording is delightful from start to fininsh. I agree with most of the other reviewers in that the conducting is relatively weak and lacks an overall vision for the work, but those things can be easily overlooked unless you're an orchestra snob. The singing is fine all around. I believe this to be the most stongly cast group of female singers for this opera on record. Damrau is a perfect light-dramatic Anna capturing both her inner confusion and outward malice toward the Don. DiDonato is simply the best Elvira I've ever heard. There isn't a better interpretation of the role out there. She owns the role from top to bottom. Villazon is serviceable as Ottavio - the Mozart light-lyric tenor is my least favorite fach, but it's refreshing to hear him again particularly in lighter repertoire. He is a wonderful musician even if the voice isn't quite as rich as before. I think Pisaroni and d'Arcangelo should have switched roles. I much prefer a lighter-voiced Don like Keenlyside or even Weisser compared to the black velvet of a true bass. Let me say that I feel like d'Arcangelo should have recorded this role and his Mozart CD ten years ago. The sound is big and rich and powerful, but I gave his Leporello under Gardiner and his Masetto under Abaddo another listen and that is the voice I want in the Don. It is simply too dark and husky for my taste. Technically, he's tough to beat. The line is good, the range is good, but the color is...not my favorite. He remains one of my favorite singers, just not my favorite Don. All in all I am very impressed by this recording. If you purchase opera for the orchestra, look somewhere else, but if you buy the singers (and why wouldn't you?) this is one to own! Report Abuse

 its okay October 24, 2012
By alan fetterly (toronto, ON) -- See All My Reviews
Well this is my favorite opera ever. I still put the sutherland,alva, schwarzkopf,wachter at the top. this one is great. I am Canadian so the conductor is too and I think he is on his way up. The whole cast is remarkable, and a live taping to boot, but not in one performance I think. I have basically no complaints about this recording. I am not a purist at all but my objections are to the inerpolated notes that the women seem to or the conductor think should be put in for dramatic effect. Mozart did not write these notes on any score I have ever seen and although they are tastefully done I could live without them. In movie Mozart said just as many notes as I needed sire, different opera granted but you get my drift. Do not hesitate to buy this set, sound and singing are wondrous. I have many Dons and I love them all in their own way, this is one of the very best. Report Abuse

 Lowering standards at Deutsche Grammaphon October 14, 2012
By William  S. -- See All My Reviews
I'm surprised that Deutsche Grammophon has released such a poor recording. Nezet-Srguin is sloppy, has no opinions about either the music or the drama except "I like the pretty music, " and lets the singers get away with all sorts of inaccuracies, bad rhythm, lousy diction, poor intonation and pointless crooning. Nezet-Seguin's tempi are at best bang-y and banal, at worst, self-indulgent. The voices are mis-cast and no one except DiDonato sings with any commitment to language or drama. The difficulties of the role of the Don are clearly beyond D'Arcangelo's overly dark bass and he is often flat and behind the beat. Villazon's attempt to rebuild his voice has resulted in a thin, pinched and nasal sound which does not lend itself to the vocal ardor desirable in Don Ottavio. This is one of the worst recordings of "Don Giovanni" I have heard in many years and represents a distinct decline in the standards of Deutsche Grammaphon. Now I have to listen to Siepi and Mittropoulos or Ramey and von Karajan or one the many other great recordings I have get this mess out of my head. Report Abuse

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