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 Minor correction May 23, 2017
By Eric G. -- See All My Reviews
This track listing is incorrect: 4. Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62 by Johann Sebastian Bach It should be: 4. Chorale Prelude "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland", BWV 659 by Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 62 is a Cantata, BWV 659 is a work for organ. The track is Stokowski's arrangement of the organ work. Report Abuse

 Great Recordings, Bad Engineering January 30, 2017
By Gilbert G French (Rochester, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Performances: Swan of Tuonela is transcendent. Sibelius's Symphony No. 1, Brahms's Symphony No. 2, and Bizet's Symphony are the best. Bizet's Carmen and L'Arlesienne Suites are awfully good. Gould's Emperor Concerto is far more than just "interesting"--what beautifuly musicianship! The Falla has its moments, Bach's Brandeburg is old-fashioned very slow slush. The Transcriptions plus and minus. Aurora's Wedding: a vanity project, and loudest damn wedding--Tchaikovsky's needs no re-orchestration. The Ives is very good. The Mendelssohn is also awfully good. Sound: The National Philharmonic recordings (including the Brahms, mislabeled as made in EMI Studios) were dreadful swimming-pool recordings made at too far a distance, with woodwinds barely audible and big passages hopelessly cluttered. The Bizet and Mendelssohn, recorded at EMI Studios, fare better. The Falla/Wagner from 1960 is extremely dry--doesn't sound like "the Philadelphia Orchestra sound" of Ormandy's recordings from the same time. The Beethoven sounds a bit frontal--not a characteristic Manhattan Center Columbia sound. Summary: some fabulous recordings. Pity Columbia served up awful sound for Stokowski's last recordings. Report Abuse

 Worth The Price January 29, 2017
By Charles W. (Tyler, TX) -- See All My Reviews
The original jacket packaging is very cool, but the playing times are understandably limited to the original LP's which was about 45 minutes, almost half of the current CD's...Still the original LP's sold for about $5.00 in 1970 dollars to about $2.00 in today's bucks...A good value!. The performances are all Stokowski; some he plays "straight" and others he kind of distorts, but they are mostly great. The orchestral playing varies from good to great. Several orchestras are used and they are not all equal; most are pick up orchestras formed just for the recording sessions and sometimes they don't display the cohesion and unanimity of permanently assembled orchestras. What is remarkable is the vitality and control of the then 90+ year old octogenarian.The sound varies somewhat depending on the age of the recording and the recording location. Report Abuse

 Stoki Club members or Adventerous types only February 22, 2015
By owen  ryan (lakewood, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Did Sinatra write ''Doing It My Way'' with Stokowski in mind? This set is not for those faint of heart having an idee fixe for music being rendered in a certain correct manner. There is something here to offend, delight or bore just about anyone. For modern music fans there is Ive's 4th Symphony. Stoki and Glenn Gould doing Ludwig's Emperor Concerto their way will offend or delight. A marvelous Bizet Carmen and L'Arlesienne suites by an energetic 94 year old conductor. Then there is a Sibelius First Symphony unlike any that you've ever heard before. Well, you get the idea. Play it safe and avoid this one or if you're feeling dangerous take an adventerous walk on the wild side and buy this bargain priced collection of politically incorrect bon bons. Do be aware that audio quality is variable. But for $1.70 per disc what have you got to lose? Report Abuse

 Interesting! February 10, 2015
By M. Hovare (Sollentuna, Sweden) -- See All My Reviews
A very interesting set of cd:s. Leopold Stokowskis often personal way of creating music is sometimes very different to other conductors. That`s what make him unique. Recommended! Report Abuse

 The best of "The Master" February 3, 2015
By T. Ellis III (North Kingstown, RI) -- See All My Reviews
The "Philadelphia Sound" still lives, in all its glory. Thanks to Sony 's careful transfer to digital format. Great work!! And a great price to boot! Thanks Arkiv Report Abuse

 Great Sound - Wonderful Packaging - Unbelievable  January 15, 2015
By Christopher Garguilo (Hampton, VA) -- See All My Reviews
There are so many ways I am impressed with this offering. First of all, Sony decided to enclosed each CD in an envelope with the original front and back cover of the LP recording. When I first open the package and saw the CD envelopes memories of thumbing through the LP bins at the King Carol and Korvettes classical departments rushed through my head. I hadn't seen these LP's since the 1960's. Wonderful idea, Sony! The only problem for us older folks is that we need a magnifying glass to read the small print of the linear notes, but that's okay. Secondly, the sound is WONDERFUL! Those who remember the "360 Sound of Columbia" back in the 60's will be happy to know that it has been meticulously transferred to these CD's. The sound is warm and encompassing. Thirdly, Stokowski was a master of interpretation. To hear his version of works that have been recorded by so many other conductors is refreshingly new and exciting. Of course, his own transcriptions will have a special original flair to them. And lastly, the price was GREAT. I bought the set on a sale, but even at full price this collection is worth it! I highly recommend this set both to new and old classical collectors. Report Abuse

 Timeless performances December 31, 2014
By Jack McCue (Portland, OR) -- See All My Reviews
Stokie is never boring -- he brings chestnuts to life, and reminds us why they are chestnuts. The performances range from eccentric to idiosyncratic to colorful to maddeningly overwrought. The surprise (the performances always surprise!) is the sound, which is much better than I expected. He was interested in audiophile sound before most of us knew what that meant -- even playing with multichannel sound (not on these CDs). This set is a ridiculous bargain. Report Abuse

 Great Stokowski Reprospective June 3, 2014
By Barry L. (Santa Fe, NM) -- See All My Reviews
This set of CD's provides an overview of his amazing career. The quality of the recordings is excellent and the performances pure Stokowski. And, I purchased it at a special discounted price. Report Abuse

 A gem for collectors! April 23, 2014
By P. Ledesma (Wellington, KS) -- See All My Reviews
As one that grew up collecting many of these titles on vinyl as a teenager, I was thrilled to be reunited with them on CD! The sound on the De Falla was spectacular and the unique interpretations make the set worth checking out. I couldn't give it a 5 star rating because not enough improvements were made on the sound quality. Most of these could have used some remastering to improve the dynamic range and clarity, but I found little if any evidence that such an effort was made. That being stated, as a collector this is a good sister set to the RCA Stereo Collection from 1954-75 for a fine representation of the Maestro's stellar recording career. Report Abuse

 Stokowski on Columbia April 22, 2014
By Jeff Schoenwald (Thousand Oaks, CA) -- See All My Reviews
The Columbia recordings provide impressive sonic clarity and range that ably highlight the genius of Stokowski's visionary interpretations. Report Abuse

 Light on content. December 26, 2012
By Donald B. (Paradise Valley, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
Many of the recordings in this set have been released before as single cd's. The transfers are very good sound-wise. Total content of the set is light, but the price is right. If you are a fan of his, get the set. Report Abuse

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