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 A Personal Favorite March 31, 2014
By Albert B. (Conshohocken, PA) -- See All My Reviews
Having spent my young adulthood as a subscriber to Ormandy's Philadelphia Orchestra,choosing this collection was not difficult. Many an evening was spent in the nose-bleed section of the Academy of Music soaking in "That Philadelphia Sound" developed by Stokowski and brought to fruition by Ormandy. As I am getting older, with hearing that is not as sharp as it once was, I now tend to choose works based on performance rather than state of the art digital quality. This is not a criticism of the quality of these recordings, let those with perfect ears make that call, but to my tastes, this is an excellent collection of performances. It brings back many memories of the "Grand Old Lady of Locust Street"! Report Abuse

 Ormandy Classics April 24, 2013
By edward heller (lansdale, PA) -- See All My Reviews
This set is an excellent review of both conductor and orchestra at their best. The sound is first class on all discs. Ormandy was always under rated as a conductor but here's sonic proof of his true abilties. The Shostakovich Fifth Symphony is a gem. Report Abuse

 Superb December 31, 2012
By M. Hereish (Chandler, QC) -- See All My Reviews
When you want to have these on CD. This is a wonderful version. Report Abuse

 Excellent collection December 18, 2012
By Harold C. (Arlington, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra were always top-notch and this collection reenforces that fact. CD transfers are immaculate and well-represent the achievements of the Philadelphia Orchestra under Ormandy. Also an excellect value, very low price for what it contains. Report Abuse

 Ormandy and Columbia Records November 17, 2012
By BRIAN A. M. (Toronto, ON) -- See All My Reviews
Ormandy and The Philadelphia throughout their 45 years of association were at the summit of orchestral tonal and virtuosity of all the orchestra sections. Even though some compositions under Ormandy were treated with an overlay of the Philly Sound, it remained however that much more were a deeply thought interpretative result. All these recordings can be said to be some of the best...Ashkenazy and Rachmaninoff Pn Concerto #3 is one of the best that gets the Rach idiom in spades. The whole set is a bargain at twice the price! Report Abuse

 The High Gloss Recordings November 16, 2012
By Thomas F Mallon (Rio Ranch, NM) -- See All My Reviews
Some may remember these recordings mark the golden age of Columbia Records and the Philadelphia Orchestra. At that time, Philadelphia ranked within the top three of the world's orchestras, next to the Vienna Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, its musicians were then blessed with the highest salary of any orchestra in the world. Ormandy followed in the legato style of his predecessor Leopold Stokowski, developing a style which became known to the press and general public as the High Gloss version of whatever classic they recorded. This particular offering has captured a good number of those gems within a single box. It would be impossible to to be disappointed with this collection at any price. Report Abuse

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