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 Piano stylings at their best October 21, 2014
By David M. (Winona, MN) -- See All My Reviews
Jenny Lin's playing is superb, but her stylings which she carefully selected of Broadway melodies are most superior to almost any show tunes album. I heard one on public radio and ordered the album, and each was a delight. Highly recommend "Get Happy"! Report Abuse

 Get Happy Jenny Lin October 26, 2013
By M. Formosa (Victoria, BC) -- See All My Reviews
Nice music,but not something I would sit down to listen to.This kind of music is good for when you have company over for dinner. Report Abuse

 Outstanding. From Giddy to the Sublime October 22, 2013
By Daniel H. (Cincinnati, OH) -- See All My Reviews
I loved this on the first listen. I have listened to it 5 times since. I grew up with classical piano music in the house. My mom played all the time. Track 11. Virtuoso ... Embraceable You just blows me away. It touches me deeply. Thank you to Jenny for this wonderful music. Report Abuse

 Well titled album October 15, 2013
By Dr. Mitchell Gurk (Spencer, MA) -- See All My Reviews
All the pieces are upbeat, leaving one optimistic and renewed. The classical structure of these arrangements is a brand new hearing, making the standards unusual, as a first hearing - and very unlike jazz. Excellent, uplifting, and challenging in a revealing way. No, the words do not play automatically thru one's mind; prominent are the musical structures, like a virtuoso album of solo fantasias and 'impromptus'. Report Abuse

  Happy Memories July 19, 2013
By A. Smith (Dunedin, Otago) -- See All My Reviews
This superb Steinway Recording brought back some great memories of the 1950's. Jenny Lin has great command of 'the King of Instuments'. To me Steinway have just been a great Piano Manufacturer, but of late they have made some great natural recordings. With the recent sale of the Steinway company one must now wonder what will become of this source of Audiophile recordings. Alan James S. Report Abuse

  Impressive and Enjoyable Piano Songbook January 29, 2013
By Sour Persimmons -- See All My Reviews
Jenny Lin's "Get Happy" is a brilliantly-played virtuosic tribute to the great American songbook. After a subdued take on "Blue Skies," the album quickly becomes rather impressionistic ("I Got Rhythm," "Lover," "Laura") though many of the other tracks ("Carousel Waltz," "Cheek to Cheek," etc.) maintain a more easily-recognized grounding in the original material. Lin's performances offer a full range of color and expression, and she successfully bridges the gap between the intense technical classical demands of the arrangements (which generally sound like elaborate improvisations) and the popular idiom from which they derive. The recorded piano sound is excellent, with an ideal perspective on the instrument. In short, this is a fantastic jazz/classical piano album for those interested in sophisticated takes on classic show tunes. Report Abuse

 A fine recording January 24, 2013
By Kent Blackwell (Virginia Beach, VA) -- See All My Reviews
The tunes are catchy and the recorded sound is marvelous. The piano never sounds too forward or too distant. As a hardcore audiophile I often listen to music in the dark. When I turned off the lights in my listening room it sounded as if the piano was in the room. Report Abuse

 Starting the day....happy. January 8, 2013
By Maria C A. (RICHMOND, CA) -- See All My Reviews
She is very good indeed! Jenny Lin would get your day happy if you hear this cd in the morning. Very good selection of titles, good sound, very good technique, and a sense of joy transmitted through the music!!! I'd recommend it! Report Abuse

 boring December 5, 2012
By murray s. (voorhees, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
i bought the cd based on recommendation-gave it away-did not enjoy any of the work. Report Abuse

 Pleasant mediocre December 5, 2012
By H Richard W. (Bayside , WI) -- See All My Reviews
Technically proficient with a modest amount of flair, this album is every bit as good as a piano bar. Report Abuse

 wonderful recording! December 5, 2012
By John P. (Roseville, MN) -- See All My Reviews
wonderful recording! Report Abuse

 Not a winner December 3, 2012
By J. Lyon (Orinda, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I really wanted to enjoy this album. The selections are wonderful and ditto the arrangements. Alas, I found the playing clean and fleet-fingered, but distant, uninvolved, and totally devoid of character. There was no involvement, no sense of joy; it was a overlong, tedious finger exercise. Buy the Dick Hyman or Stephen Hough albums and see how this stuff should sound. Ms Lin should stick to Shostakovich. Report Abuse

 GreAt p,aging but dated arrangements December 1, 2012
By S. Cuunjieng (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Am a great fan of Jenny Lin and thanks to Arkiv bought her Shostakovich cd and consider it my favorite. She plays with panache but this cd could have been recorded 50 years ago. Just wish the song selection was less dated. Would have been more fun. Report Abuse

 get happy--I did November 30, 2012
By R. Sellig (Queensbury, NY) -- See All My Reviews
What more could you ask for? Great composers, great arrangements, and a pianist who does them all justice make for an enjoyable experience. The choice of these classics cannot be faulted. Report Abuse

 Jenny Lin makes me very "Happy!" November 28, 2012
By Barbara E. (Chandler, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
Jenny Lin is a fabulous pianist, first and foremost. The selections on this CD are fantastic, as are the arrangements! After I purchased my CD, I purchased three more to give as gifts! Report Abuse

 Just great! November 27, 2012
By M. Brownstein (Wernersville, PA) -- See All My Reviews
A wonderful album. Lin plays the "Pop" songs and gives them that special touch to make them fresh for all time. Report Abuse

 Happy,Happy,Happy! November 27, 2012
By Mary Katherine H. (Richardson, TX) -- See All My Reviews
It has been a long time since I have experienced a real sing-a-long album. Jenny Lin's playing is crisp and full of light. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love it. Report Abuse

 New, great pianist. November 22, 2012
By G. Pryor (Austin, TX) -- See All My Reviews
Jenny Lin may not really be 'new' but to me she is and so is her interpretative playing. She is very creative in her rendition of familiar music, very much at ease at the keyboard and provides a relaxing and soothing type music for stressed people. She is easy to listen to and I'm glad Arkiv provides her music for all of us. Report Abuse

 Wow! November 21, 2012
By james r. (Saskatoon, SK) -- See All My Reviews
This is a show piece CD, for people who know the piano, (probably play the piano) and know what it sounds like. Stunning playing coupled to absolutely astonishing production values. For follks who think vinyl sounds better, stick 'em in a chair and make them listen to it. I swear it's like having the piano in your LR. Report Abuse

 Lovely September 28, 2012
By   -- See All My Reviews
Lovely Report Abuse

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