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 BRINGING THE BAROQUE TO LIFE!!! September 13, 2013
By P. Ledesma (Wellington, KS) -- See All My Reviews
When Leopold Stokowski introduced his Bach transcriptions for orchestra, one commentator giving an interview on the premier Southern California classical music station was asked the question: What would Bach have thought about it? The elderly gentleman paused and answered the question in his strong accent: HE VOOD HAF KEELED HIM (translated--He would have killed him)!!!! This recording by the Eroica trio is a sheer joy for any fan of baroque music that wants to hear the music yearn and breathe, something considered taboo for the refined puritan baroque extremist. This performance is lush and colorful, incredibly well played and vivid! And I think the composers themselves would have been overjoyed with how these wonderful musicians brought their music to life as never imagined! THIS ONE IS A TRUE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!!! Report Abuse

 The showcase of my Baroque Collection August 9, 2013
By Anthony G. (SANTA FE, NM) -- See All My Reviews
When I am asked to introduce novice music lovers into the glory of the Baroque, I begin with this Baroque CD. It is delicious music and appeals to every variety of expectations that one may cherish about Baroque music. I recommend it as the showcase of your own collection. Report Abuse

 sweet June 26, 2013
By William Schneider (Yaphank, NY) -- See All My Reviews
A great romantic playing of these works that will sooth the soul.The un-abashedly warm playing of these baroque pieces should not be missed.Put away your critical analysis of this music and just enjoy it for what it is,beautiful music. Report Abuse

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