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 IF YOU LOVE GERMAN OPERA.... July 26, 2013
By Stanley R. H. (Wyoming, OH) -- See All My Reviews
As a lover of German opera this set fills the bill for me. There are lots of great arias, which of course, include pieces by Mozart and Wagner. However, the coverage is not limited to these two composers. Report Abuse

 The Best German Opera Anthology of All Time November 28, 2012
By George Pilcher (Westerville, OH) -- See All My Reviews
I've been an active opera lover and record/CD collector for over 50 years, and I cannot count the number of anthologies that I have, including many that are specifically devoted to German, French, Italian, etc., repertory. This is without question the finest single "German Opera" anthology that I have ever encountered, and I would say the same thing about EMI's "Voices of Italian Opera" antholoogy that was released at the same time. Extraordinary thought went into not only the selection of the works and performers (some of whom are the "usual suspects," but a delightful number of whom are not), but also into the sequencing of the various selections in this set. If you haven't already acquired this box, you owe yourself to do so--and, at EMI's bargain-basement price--you really can't afford not to. No one investing in this set will be disappointed. Report Abuse

 Too bad they didn't enter the digital track info August 29, 2012
By Louis Galie (Leander, TX) -- See All My Reviews
Great recording of an excellent selection of singers. Unfortunately, the people at EMI did not make the track information available in digital form, so using these discs digitally is a real pain. Report Abuse

 Voices from the Past August 28, 2012
By ron c. (Hampton, NH) -- See All My Reviews
So many beautiful voices from 1933 on. One really gets a sense of the dramatic range of both the singers and of the German composers who they so effectively bring to life. Report Abuse

 What you see it what you get. August 28, 2012
By Michael M. Eisman (North Wales, PA) -- See All My Reviews
Not much to say here except that this is a series of arias and excepts from German opera arranged chronologically by opera and starring the best of the EMI stable of artists which includes the old HMV (His Master's Voice) artists. As one would expect the performances are outstanding. The same applies to the companion collection of Italian Opera. (Can French Opera be far behind? I hope it come soon.) Report Abuse

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