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 Enjoying the Fugue August 26, 2015
By Alan B. (Bowie, MD) -- See All My Reviews
This CD lets me know that I have a good basic selection of fugues to always enjoy. Andrew Rangell performs these fugues masterfully and brings out the full force of the "Bach" in them. Report Abuse

 The art of playing The Art March 27, 2014
By Bob Lagaaij (Middelburg, Netherlands) -- See All My Reviews
The Art of the fugue of Johann Sebastian Bach is one of his most iconic works (and the final major instrumental one). These 14 fugues and 4 canons in D minor - not fully completed - conclude an unique musical life and do mean a melancholic farewell to the vanishing art of pure counterpoint. Andrew Rangell was - as he writes in his introduction - ,,moved and nourished'' in his study of these pieces and therefore tried ,,to lift them off the page'' in the ears of the listener. He succeeded 100 % in his efforts. A magnificent cd in the remarkable range Steinway & Sons, crystal-clear recorded at the charming Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport (Massachusetts). Start your day with The Art of the Fugue as a musical meditation and you will be unearthly happy & serene. Report Abuse

 Beautifully Performed November 1, 2013
By M. Bishop (Clackamas, OR) -- See All My Reviews
I think Andrew Rangell's performance of Bach's "The Art of Fugue," here is excellent. This is the first album that I've purchased that has been produced by Steinway & Sons, and the sound quality is good, comparable to the sound quality of recordings of other piano works produced by other major record labels. This album portrays Bach at his esoteric best in his last great musical creation, made pleasingly understandable under the tutelage of Andrew Rangell. Highly recommended. Report Abuse

 Something new for me July 24, 2013
By Marilyn S. (Cudahy, WI) -- See All My Reviews
I have classical music playing here during all waking hours; my 4 cats are accustomed to it. The interview with Andrew Rangell was very interesting and even as he spoke, I found myself waiting for the end of the piece of music. I wondered whether he would be able to, as he said Bach had done, "just end it," and he did accomplish that. The music made more sense, knowing that bit of information. Report Abuse

 Beautiful Recording December 25, 2012
By Jay Singer (Pepper Pike, OH) -- See All My Reviews
Wonderful recording of Bach's last, great work. In general, I like most of the Steinway recordings for the pure piano sound. I'm about to order the new Lin recording. I am still 'digesting' the wonderful, deep music on this CD so this review is really about the audiophile aspect. Report Abuse

 A statement of Bach's legacy November 26, 2012
By James Kendall (PETALUMA, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I never thought that I could understand Bach. Immediately after reading the important well-researched book, The True Life of J.S. Bach, by Klaus Eidam; I celebrated having persevered the entire - well-written - tome by ordering this disc. Not that I can now regard myself as understanding Bach; with genius you can but observe, and hope to glean what you might. The Art Of Fugue was composed by Bach as an exposition of his technique and inventions, left for students of music to peruse. If Mozart is said to raise one's intelligence - I could use a dab of that... - then I assert to listen to Bach might well elevate the Spirit. This particular disc is performed by a deep lover of J.S. Bach, and it would be wise to trust his insights. Nor do you need be a musicologist to savor the end-of-life statement of this timeless master. Report Abuse

 Wonderful October 31, 2012
By Kathy R. (Zachary, LA) -- See All My Reviews
This recording is truly beautiful. The clear voicings in the counterpoint really come alive. The touch and expression of the pianist, as well as the beauty of the tone of the instrument, truly come across! Report Abuse

 A Beautiful Piano Version of This Work  October 31, 2012
By Gail M. (Goleta, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I purchased this disk to complement other recordings performed on organ, by string quartet, and by chamber groups. Andrew Rangell has given us interesting and varied playings of the fugues on a piano with magnificent tone for this music. The instrument, the environment, and the recording seem to me beyond criticism. I was surprised how well the piano assists the ear in following the lines in these complex works; there is no distraction of reverberation or diverse instrument voices to take away from the beautiful music. The booklet is informative. Packaging is a cardboard folder with a plastic insert, rather than a conventional jewel box. Highly recommended! Report Abuse

 Essential JS Bach piece for the serious collector October 25, 2012
By john g. (stephens city, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Although I do have a rather large Bach collection, I was not that familiar with this piece, the last one he wrote. It's very emotional, as to me, it seems to summarize his life, and then very dramatically, ends in mid-sentence. As a Bach aficionado, this work seems somewhat different than his others. It raises the question: Did Bach have a foreshadowing of his eminent death? Report Abuse

 Quintessential JSB September 28, 2012
By Stephen P. -- See All My Reviews
Phonic poetry in constant motion....Mr,Rangell does justice to Bach's final fugues as the motion of the notes are played with great expression that unfortunately I find lacking in most of the"mechanical"pianists of today. Report Abuse

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