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 Another Winner in the RPC Series! October 20, 2014
By H. Ventura (Mililani, HI) -- See All My Reviews
I have acquired most of the CD's in the on going Romantic Piano Concerto from Hyperion. Most are top notch. A few are curiosities. Still, I am able to glean something positive from each disc in this outstanding series. This latest issue, #57, is a standout. If you like Rachmaninoff and Steinhammer you'll get hooked on this offering. Wiklund's concertos are big, sinewy; he knew how to spin a melody, milking it for all its worth. Lush, romantic, rhapsodic. It's not hard to hear why Wiklund's works were regularly played and highly regarded at the turn of the last century. This disc is a tour-de-force. Virtuosic performances from Martin Sturfalt and the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. Top notch sound. Amazing. In my top five of the series. Report Abuse

 Swedish Triumph! April 24, 2014
By bess holloway (Boulder, CO) -- See All My Reviews
The music making here is well celebrated by the three other reviewers. My point is that it brings to our audience a much needed exposure to Swedish composers generally. We are sadly deficient in live performances here in the USA, a curious fact given our history of large-scale immigration of Swedish people to America. I truly love this recording! Report Abuse

 Hyperion's Romantic Piano Concerto Series Rolls On September 25, 2012
By Henry S. (Springfield, VA) -- See All My Reviews
This disk is Volume 57 (that's right-57!) in Hyperion's amazing Romantic Piano Concerto series, presenting 3 works by Swedish composer Adolf Wiklund-Piano Concertos 1 and 2, plus Konsertstycke, his very first published work. These are all outstanding compositions, squarely in the late Romantic tradition. Piano Concerto # 1 and Konsertstycke are big, powerful works with lush orchestral support to the soloist in a way that somehow struck me as a fusion of Tchaikovsky and Schumann or Chopin, if it is possible to imagine such a thing. Piano Concerto # 2 is an even more impressive work, more expansive and with greater thematic development (as I saw it). Soloist Martin Sturfallt delivers a passionate and highly nuanced performance, and it is hard to imagine better orchestral backing than heard here from the excellent Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. This recording is an eye-opening introduction to a very unfamiliar composer, and one that you will definitely enjoy. Strongly recommended! Report Abuse

 Couldn't agree more with the reviewer August 12, 2012
By Linda McDougall (Vancouver, BC) -- See All My Reviews
In a few words...GORGEOUS and awe-inspiring. Being a great admirer of Andrew Manze, when I discovered these concerti, directed by him, I was ecstatic. Where has such beautiful music been hiding? What does it mean when something's out of fashion? This CD is a FIND! Report Abuse

 Another Romantic Piano Concerto Series Winner June 21, 2012
By D. Stewart (Flagstaff, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
Both of these Concerti are wonderful = rich and full romantisism with Hyperion's usual clear and detailed recording. If you like either of the Stenhammar Piano Concertos you will love these. There are many reminders of him, especially in the Piano Conerto #2 on this recording. This is a fine addition to the Series. Report Abuse

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