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 ignore the BS August 9, 2013
By K. BAKER (HEBER CITY, UT) -- See All My Reviews
The lead review says, "There are many myths concerning Bruckner’s finales, not the least of which is that they are somehow “problematic”. Not true. After the Fourth Symphony, each is perfectly appropriate in its own way" This idiot has no understanding what soever of the structure of a Bruckner symphony. Celibidache pointed out decades ago that the key to Bruckner is understanding that the finale of a Bruckner symphony usually does not come at the end. Nor does it necessarily come at the end of any of movement. It often comes more or less in the middle of any of the four movements. The EMI incomplete set of Bruckner's symphonies by Celibidache / Munich Philharmonic is enlightening. Note that Celibidache takes almost 30 minutes longer for the 8th than does von Karajan. "The Gramophone" is currently open for voting for the "disk of the year". the Rattle 9th is a candidate for best orchestral CD. The Gramophone's review of the performance is spot on: with the added completed fourth movement, this recording stands with Bruno Walter's 1960 recording of the 3 complete Bruckner movements as the top choice. In the three movement 9th, Walter stands alone, and the recent Sony reissue has surprisingly good sound for its age (I listened to it five days ago, and I'm still humming it in my head, and how often have you ever gone away from a concert or recording humming Bruckner?). Admittedly, I have not yet heard the Rattle version, but I plan to buy it because the Gramophone review said that by adding the 4th movement, it rises to the Walter league, the one and only competition to Walter. BTW: in general, Barenboim (Teldec) is the top choice for Bruckner and the Naxos Tintner recordings (which include both # 0 and # 1) are well worth the price. Report Abuse

 Is it necessary? August 21, 2012
The completion of the fourth movement is intersting, but it is for the most part not real Bruckner. As a Bruckner interpreter Rattle is not in the class as conductors such as Jochum, Knappertsbusch and von Karajan. I am glad to have the fourth movement, but I can live without it. Report Abuse

 Bruckner 9 - Rattle - Fourth mouvement August 7, 2012
By Rene Tinawi (Montreal, QC) -- See All My Reviews
I prefer the first three movements by Carlo-Maria Guilini or Gunter Wand where the emotion is very present. The only interesting part of this recording is the completed fourth mouvement of this ninth symphony. It is very Brucknerian well performed and worth the purchase. The rest of the record is quite ordinary and somewhat dissapointing. May be the chemistry between Rattle and Bruckner was not at its best during this live recording. René Tinawi Montreal Report Abuse

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