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By Catriel B. (Toronto, ON) -- See All My Reviews
I’ve listened to this CD a number of times, and there are three separate areas to be reviewed: the recording itself, the performance under Rattle, and the realization of the fourth movement. The recording itself is good. Not great: I have many CD’s that have a wider audio and dynamic spectrum. Everything is adequate, but not sonically spectacular. I must add that I have a very elabourate audio system with 32 speaking units in eight separate enclosures – I even hear page turns from the violins! And even without a sub-woofer it easily produces 16-foot bass notes. Given all this, the CD will sound very good on almost all other systems. The realization of the fourth movement is the real reason why I purchased this recording. It’s very well done, completely Bruckner in sound, orchestration, and melodic motives. I am not a Bruckner expert, but from my many years of listening to all his symphonies, this is echt (authentic) Bruckner. I highly recommend a short video done by Rattle where he explains the history of this completion: . I already have the complete Bruckner symphonies done by Eugen Jochum and the Dresden Staatskapelle – to my mind Bruckner IS Jochum; the sound may be a bit dated, but there are no finer performances. Jochum understands the architecture of Bruckner, and builds each movement accordingly. Jochum has the orchestra completely under his control; the Dresden Staatskapelle under him can stop on a dime, and the brass is absolutely unexcelled. And here the Rattle performance fails miserably. He totally misses outlining Bruckner’s architecture, and the performance becomes boring – especially when contrasted with Jochum. But worse – Rattle makes the scherzo sound like Shostakovich – and BAD Shostakovich! It is lumpy, hammering chords, formless, and purposeless. The other movements mirror this mire of sound. I cannot recommend this recording because of Rattle’s interpretation. If you want to hear the complete version of the fourth movement, that’s reason enough – but skip the first three movements. 19 June 2012 Report Abuse

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