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 Too Many Excerpts August 29, 2012
By W. Breitman (Sonoma, CA) -- See All My Reviews
A decent collection, but far too many excerpts. I expected full overtures and was thus disappointed. Report Abuse

 Great value but disappointing use of excerpts August 4, 2012
By J. Markley (Junction City, KS) -- See All My Reviews
Six disks for the price of one is a great value. The performances are fine. My biggest problem is the issue of excerpts (The Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture). Either include the entire piece or leave it out... or else advertise this as a "best of" collection. Report Abuse

 Great light music compilation August 1, 2012
By Harold C. (Arlington, VA) -- See All My Reviews
These selections from the EMI vaults are expertly mastered and great fun to hear. Five of the CDs are classical overtures and preludes, the sixth tends more toward stage musical productions, from Sullivan to Bernstein. This is a "must have" and a screaming bargain to boot! Report Abuse

 good collection  August 1, 2012
By K. BAKER (HEBER CITY, UT) -- See All My Reviews
+: good collection, good performances, low price.
-: only excerpts of some
Report Abuse

 Overtures July 31, 2012
By PIERRE GRACE (ST. ALBANS, NY) -- See All My Reviews
If you want a variety of nice relaxing music, these CD's does it all. Hours of familiar and non familiar music can sooth your soul throughout your listening pleasure. The cost of this set is incredible for the budget minded. You can't go wrong with music of yesteryear. Report Abuse

 100 Best Overtures June 29, 2012
By Miguel Jorsz (Miami, FL) -- See All My Reviews
!00 Best Overtures Report Abuse

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