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 A really nice job November 13, 2012
By james oppenheimer (HYDE PARK, NY) -- See All My Reviews
There are six CDs, and each of them is devoted to a particular specialty. I found the selection to be very well done for categories I know much about. I currently have the whole six in the player in my car, and they play very well against road noise, and also play well in a quiet setting. The selection of choral works is a bit unusual, which is good. Nothing is there that ought not to be there, but some unusual treasures are to be found. This isn't just a hum-drum collection just tossed together; some thought went into it, and it is a joy to listen to, even the sections on movie music, which I know nothing about. Report Abuse

 Well-balanced musical view of the isles August 2, 2012
By Louis Galie (Leander, TX) -- See All My Reviews
a "solid" collection with the full gamut of British liturgical, classical, and light classical music performed by top-notch artists. A serious "value buy". Report Abuse

 Milestone for modern-British-liked music July 4, 2012
By S Cohenroellvaneyck (SOUTH WENTWORTHVILLE, NSW) -- See All My Reviews
There are 6 CDs and all have an enjoyable but different make up I liked the 18th century CD-1 with pieces from Haendel Purcell etc The other following CDs have pieces played well by large orchestras and pieces by military bands, brass, there is also much to enjoy All in all one should listen to all CDs and tracks to make a mental selection what one likes best, e.g. to play next time I consider this set as a typical British historical milestone with good and less, select and enjoy! Report Abuse

 More than a bit of alright July 3, 2012
By Aloysius Wald (COLUMBUS, OH) -- See All My Reviews
I was enjoying the Queen's Jubilee, as they say, on the telly, and knew that I had a long road trip in the offing. When you like driving and know that you will be driving nearly non-stop for 16 to 18 hours, you want something really big to fill the radio gap across the middle of America. 100 Best British Classics was absolutely the answer. Six, count 'em, six CDs, with every classic Brit favorite you can imagine and a few that you never even dreamt of. Every piece performed by a reputable, recognizable, known orchestra or ensemble. No Joe Smoot and his Smootones here. I liked how the music was categorized by genre per CD so that if you wanted rousing tunes you could stick with the forthright Brit rousers, or, if you wanted to relax by the upper Thames a more lyric theme could accompany your musings. The folk songs and military band grouping went a long way to keeping me alert and singing along as I roared across the 2 am Kansas Interstate. In any event, it was all good fun for a great price, with some of the renditions being different and even better than any I've previously heard. This collection is well worth having. Report Abuse

 Great British Classics July 3, 2012
By Michael Nystrom (Aloha, OR) -- See All My Reviews
What a thoroughly enjoyable set of British classics! Many of my favorites are included such as Walton's Crown Imperial March, The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams, and Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis also by Vaughan Williams. But I've been so blessed by the sacred selections on two of the discs including Hubert Parry's Jerusalem and some of Handel's immortal pieces from his oratorios. The cost for the six-disc set is unbelievably low! This set is a must for any lover of British music such as myself. Report Abuse

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