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 Superior August 15, 2012
By Yong P. (Mclean, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Superior - excellent 17 disk selection - all are Superior in quality and sound. I would have paid much more but am glad to got it for the price i did. Worth every penny plus more. Report Abuse

 Simply beautiful August 1, 2012
By Cheryl J P. (Greenbelt, MD) -- See All My Reviews
The collection is a treasure. Thank you. Report Abuse

 Outstanding value July 24, 2012
By Ian Kennedy (Naples, FL) -- See All My Reviews
This 17CD offers outstanding value. These are wonderful performances of some terrific music. Anyone who loves cello concerti, sonatas, and occasional pieces will want to own this set. Report Abuse

 Jacqueline du Pre - Incredible Cellist July 18, 2012
By Simon Palmer (San Rafael, CA) -- See All My Reviews
This complete set of recordings illustrates the genius of du Pre, her passion & skill are apparent. A wonderful record of her, all to short, life's work. Report Abuse

 Absolute perfect preformance. June 21, 2012
By G. Kolbeinsson (800 Selfoss, Iceland) -- See All My Reviews
A perfect performance by supreme preformer. Report Abuse

 Priceless Collection. June 7, 2012
By Anton N. (Brisbane, Australia) -- See All My Reviews
So lovely to have all of these precious recordings under one roof. The quality of the sound is excellent, and the passion behind the playing exuberant and wonderful.
Simply a must-have for all lovers of the Cello.
Report Abuse

 Such a tone! June 7, 2012
By Jan C. -- See All My Reviews
This is a wonderful set! Nobody gets the deep, dark tones out of the cello like Du Pre. And the clarity of the piano notes--the air around them--sparkles. It's all very soul-soothing. We're lucky to have this woman's exceptional artistry so beautifully preserved. Report Abuse

 One of the few greats. June 5, 2012
By James Cooke (Vero Beach, FL) -- See All My Reviews
Few cellists, perhaps Fournier, had Du Pre's richness of sound. Few had her technical extravagance. None had her unashamed, almost naive, lyricism and passion. The set is remarkable because it lets you hear all of this talent transforming known cello "pieces" uexpected Bach suites, a Handel Sonata and the Hayden concertos as well as the remarkably idiocyncratic Beethoven Trios with the young Barenboim and Zukerman. This are force of nature performances of force of nature works - an absolute collector's must buy. Report Abuse

 FIVE STARS ... with a caveat June 5, 2012
By John Wyman (urbana, IL) -- See All My Reviews
In 2007, EMI issued a 17 CD box, "Jacqueline DuPre: The Complete EMI Recordings".
In 2012, EMI issues a 17 CD box, "Jacqueline DuPre: The Complete EMI Recordings".

Either box is a worthy tribute to the great cellist, but there is a slight, though annoying, difference between them.

CD 17 of the new box has one track that was not in the old box:

[8] J.S.Bach Adagio & Allegro from Sonata in D for Cello & Harpsichord, BWV 1028 (4:35) with Ronald Kinloch Anderson playing harpsichord.

This was recorded in July, 1962 and was part of DuPre's first LP for EMI (an assortment of encore pieces with assorted accompanists).
EMI simply forgot to include it in the 2007 box.
It was not "lost". The publication date for it is 1963. EMI just forgot about it.

They have now corrected their mistake, which is a good thing, but it seems like an insult to those who bought the 2007 box.
EMI should have issued the new CD 17 as a single at a specially reduced price.

The new box does cost about half of what the old box cost, which makes it a bit less painful.

Other differences:

1) On CD 1, the Delius Concerto is now on 5 tracks, instead of the single track of 2007. Sound is unchanged.
2) There are five additional photographs of Jacqueline DuPre.
3) There is two-page timeline of her life.

The same article by Christopher Nupen that appeared in 2007 is reprinted in the new box.

Typographical Error: On CD 9, the Allegretto in E flat, Hess 48 is mis-identified as Hess 84.* This mistake is repeated from the 2007 box.

IN CONCLUSION: The new box is a great buy and deserves five stars. but if I had bought the old box in 2007, I would be more than a little annoyed.

* For more information about the Hess catalog, as well as the Kinsky catalog (WoO) and the Biamonti catalog, go to
Click on the American Flag (if you speak American), then click "music".
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 What a wonder May 18, 2012
By Fred N. (Coquille, OR) -- See All My Reviews
When I first saw the ad.for this set I wondered if I shoud spend my "CD allowance" on just one set of music. Then, when I received my set I thought how could I ever have questioned buying it. Now I can have Jacqueline Du Pre in my living room whenever I wish playing cello concertos by (alphabetically) Boccherini,Delius, Dvorak,Elgar,Haydn, Lalo, Monn, Saintsaens and Schumann, and so much more cello music, in fact, all 17 CD's of the complete EMI recordings of this talented artist are in this boxed set. Go on, splurge as I did, and then immerse yourself in this aural wonderland. Report Abuse

 Amazing music! May 10, 2012
By Michael Haines (Kirkwood, MO) -- See All My Reviews
Infrequently is a set of music so captivating and evocative. To the ears but. also the imagination, this music captivates both, consistently and fully. Truly an aural treasure.J Report Abuse

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