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 Nostalgia s Argentina/Miriam Conti October 26, 2013
By M. Formosa (Victoria, BC) -- See All My Reviews
Nice music,but not something I would sit and listen to.It more like dinner music you would play with company over.Mary Formosa. Report Abuse

 I,ll play this often. July 25, 2013
By mike b. (burnaby, British Columbia) -- See All My Reviews
There's much to enjoy on this disc, especially the slower pieces. Excellent piano sound and careful recording, the mics seem perfectly positioned. Report Abuse

 Easy Listening January 3, 2013
By Judith S. (Las Cruces, NM) -- See All My Reviews
Found this quite pleasant back ground music. Report Abuse

 Easy Listening December 26, 2012
By Patricia W. (Big Arm, MT) -- See All My Reviews
If you enjoy listening to relaxing music with a South American flair you will certainly like this disc. Report Abuse

 Nostalgia December 4, 2012
By M. Hereish (Chandler, QC) -- See All My Reviews
Charming, easy listening, nostalgic Report Abuse

 Superb. November 29, 2012
By DR J W. (WOORI YALLOCK, VIC) -- See All My Reviews
I could only recognize one theme on this very relaxed and laid back CD. The playing is honest without excess showmanship.Atmospheric, I can easily see an Argintinian restaurant, the piano gently playing away, the diners testing out the chefs, with good local food cooked just right, good wine, and cognac after sweets,accompanied by Havana cigars, sweetly smelling the room out. This music is cool, laid back and languid, aimed at reviving memories of yesterdays, and you bet, it succeeds. Report Abuse

 No so much fuss! September 21, 2012
By George Albert Petersen (Annandale, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I got what I requested it.Nothing else, so's fine with me. Report Abuse

 excellent!!!!!!!!! July 25, 2012
By Jerry G. (Edgewater, CO) -- See All My Reviews
There is no other way I can describe this CD. For this type of music, and I have a lot, this is some of the very best. Report Abuse

 Not very spanish  July 24, 2012
By irma Spencer (Annapolis, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I was hoping for more tango or dance rythms. Nice crisp piano playing Report Abuse

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