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 Competent recording of a first class production June 14, 2012
By S. Cash (Walsall, West Midlands) -- See All My Reviews
Not exactly audiophile quality recording however, not worthy of some poor reviews it has received. If you want to fool yourself into believing you are listening to a live performance this isn't for you. However, if like the majority of people you are happy to listen to a (compared to many) well recorded and produced record then you won't be disappointed. Report Abuse

 Multilingual 20th Century Fun May 19, 2012
By Aloysius Wald (COLUMBUS, OH) -- See All My Reviews
Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, women with a certain sultry, naughty sound that exemplified a musical era. That is what Ute Lemper strives for and achieves in Paris Days, Berlin Nights. True, she gives the music her own polish, but I don't want an exact imitation of Piaf and Dietrich. After all, we have recordings of Piaf and Dietrich singing like, well, Piaf and Dietrich. Lemper is her own voice and her own woman and a pleasure to listen to as she gives her rendition of some sultry, mid-20th Century favorites. I'm glad she came along to add her voice to the European torch music genre. Report Abuse

 The elusive Ute Lemper April 15, 2012
By Colette Trifan (Calgary, AB) -- See All My Reviews
Ute Lemper reminds me of Europe: powerful but elusive, sensual, energetic but sensitive like a good French perfume. She connects Est and West Europe without any problem and her haunting voice remains in your memory for a long time. She has something in voice and style, that make you think about Marlene Dietrich singing in a Berlin cabaret or Edith Piaf singing about the color pink of the life. I didn't know too much about her and thank you for making possible to hear and appreciate her voice and style. Report Abuse

 A great disappointment April 6, 2012
By A. Taylor (Boulder, CO) -- See All My Reviews
This disc was a great disappointment. I expected something close to Dietrich, not even close. While there were some good songs from the Weimar era, the selection looked more like it was intended to show her linguistic versatility. Did like the Russian inclusion, and her diction in that language was very good. But that was not enough to make me happy with my purchase. Report Abuse

 Trying too hard? April 5, 2012
By M.  Becker -- See All My Reviews
The CD is full of passion and intensity, but fails due to technical issues. Ms. Lemper's voice is sometimes strained, her vibrato is often out of control, and her intonation, when she is not singing in sprechstimme, is only close. As far as the technical issues of the CD, the Vogler Quartet is by far and away the highlight of the CD. Their playing is tight, focused and wide ranging in intensity and timbre. It is however recorded as less than an equal partner to Ms. Lemper. At times, one has the impression that one is listening to a shellac 78, with an overlayed contemporary tract featuring Ms. Lemper. Where they even recorded in the same studio? The CD is in my opinion a disappointment. M. Becker Report Abuse

 Paris days, Berlin NIghtrs March 30, 2012
By ALBERT  BARELA (SAN JOSE, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Ute Lemper is still at the top of her ability with sophisticated renditions of the French, and German cabaret, music hall and the sultry Argentine tango milonga. She takes up the music standard left behind by Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, and Carlos Gardel. Superb recording.
- Al Barela
Report Abuse

 Don't hesitate March 30, 2012
By Paul Dirks (Coral Gables, FL) -- See All My Reviews
If you like Ute Lemper, you will love this album. It's possibly her best ever. Her version of "Ne Me Quitte Pas" is the best I have ever heard, even better and more heart-wrenching than Edith Piaf's. Just that one song is worth the price of the CD, but that doesn't mean that the others aren't also wonderful. The whole disc is a delight, and the musical accompaniment is absolutely inspired. This will be on the top of your pile of CDs for some time. Report Abuse

 Inventive arrangements March 30, 2012
By Isabelle L. (Houston, TX) -- See All My Reviews
I'm not a fan of Ute Lemper's singing, but I ordered this CD because of the repertoire, which I know and love. I was incredibly surprised by the extremely inventive arrangements for the Vogler Quartet + piano, accordion and clarinet by Stefan Mazlew, who plays the latter three instruments himself. I believe the arrangements are brilliant! Report Abuse

 over the top March 30, 2012
By Thomas S. (SuttonsBay, MI) -- See All My Reviews
turned out to be pretty racous stuff -- worth one play only Report Abuse

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