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 Stokowski Stereo Collection July 17, 2018
By Bill C. (Wendouree, Australia) -- See All My Reviews
Very good selection well worth purchasing. Report Abuse

 Mixed Bag, But Occasionally Unbeatable September 11, 2012
By E. Barnes (Herndon, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I would take issue with a lot of the things Mr. Hurwitz said in his review, but not with his conclusion: Buy it, it's fascinating stuff. The swipe Hurwitz takes on the Khachaturian Third Symphony ("horrendous") is totally undeserved. It's a piece that compositionally holds together well and is also a ton of fun. (I had the LP back in the day and used it to blow the cobwebs out of my speakers after too much Mozart.) The Eroica Symphony is indeed fine, but the Brahms Fourth is a hodgepodge of ill-considered tempos. The Sixth Symphony is my favorite of Shostakovich's 15, but Stokowski misses the mark -- too perfunctory by half. The Mahler Second lacks the requisite violence when it needs it -- way too polite. But for me the really cool part of the set is Stokowski conducting his arrangements of the music of J.S. Bach. The Partita for Solo Violin is particularly spectacular in vision. But if I had to characterize what the overarching charm of these discs is, it would be Stokowski's unerring sense of aural fineness, a sort of Hollywood quality but in (usually) the best of taste -- Mantovani for the cognoscenti. Oh, yeah -- get this one. Report Abuse

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