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 Magnificent! November 1, 2017
By Pam P. (Olympia, WA) -- See All My Reviews
I bought the Water Night CD after hearing The River Cam. This is a widely diverse collection, which had to grow on me, quite frankly - some choral, some cello, some that sounds like it is possibly from soundtracks....widely varied, different styles on these tracks. I was drawn back to this collection again and again and now am completely in love with it! The music is very very beautiful and the most impassioned I've probably ever heard. It is truly a masterpiece, in my view! Report Abuse

 Water Night January 6, 2016
By M. Gray (Medina, OH) -- See All My Reviews
Excellent! My favorite piece is Equus. Report Abuse

 Water Night wasn't singing!! July 24, 2012
By Sally C. (denver, CO) -- See All My Reviews
I adore classical, contemporary choral music and Whitacre's music is beautiful, always. I probably have most of his recordings. Although, the orchestral pieces on this CD were very, very lovely, I still would have preferred all choral and that is what I expected. Oh well, it is still a wonderful CD. Report Abuse

 Wonderful CD, great service July 19, 2012
By   -- See All My Reviews
I am so pleased with the CD, and found the seervice from ArkivMusic to be exceptional. The music on this particular CD is so lovely, and one piece in particular, "When David Heard" is the reason I bought the CD. I'd heard the piece played on our MPR station, and it was so powerful, I contacted MPR for information regarding ordering. Not only does this piece speak to me, but I also am enjoying the other choral pieces as well. Eric Whitacre is a gifted artist. I would order from ArkivMusic again, and I appreciate their carrying this CD. Report Abuse

 Forget the other reviewers!!! June 5, 2012
By richard s. (appleton, WI) -- See All My Reviews
I think that the piece "The River Cam" is alone worth the price of this wonderful CD!!! Report Abuse

 Too Much Hype: Very Disappointing May 19, 2012
By Stephen J H. (Edina, MN) -- See All My Reviews
Eric Whitacre is the self-proclaimed golden boy of American choral music. Now he has abandoned his own country's musicians and moved to Great Britain. No one can find fault with that, since one of the best recordings of Whitacre's music comes from the British group, Polyphony. But this recording is disappointing to the point of being infuriating. Whitacre's own tempos on such pieces as "When David Heard" are so slow that the drama of the piece is destroyed. A rather fine choral group, the Eric Whitacre Singers, are pushed to their limits by his tempos, and end up sounding dull and uninvolved. Whitacre has fallen into the trap of recreating his own sound in the composition of each new pieces, and the results are simply dull rewrites of previous pieces. The only nice piece on the recording is the orchestral version of "Water Night." This piece actually sounds better without the voices. Don't bother with this disc. Report Abuse

 Disappointing May 12, 2012
By c. henry (aurora, CO) -- See All My Reviews
I wasn't sure what to expect but imo this is light modern pops of no outstanding merit. Classical orchestral of moms and grandmas or those who are into Yanni or Kitaro or Celtic Women.
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