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 Disappointed a bit March 3, 2016
By D. Tracy (Irvine, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Hello There, I love the music on Disc 2 and am disappointed that Disc 1 does not work at all- I have tried it on 2 machines and it won't play. Because of all my satisfaction with past purchases, I never dreamt that I would need to return this music, so am not sure how to go about it as I am unable to call anyone- no phone # that I can find. Please advise. I would love a replacement for Disc 1 if possible or whatever you suggest. Sincerely, Deborah Tracy Report Abuse

  Birthday Gift July 21, 2012
By Marianne Schreiber (La Puente, CA) -- See All My Reviews
It was a big a hit as I thought it would be. M S Report Abuse

 Great idea...mediocre performance July 17, 2012
By Laurence B. (Acton, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I was excited when I read about this dvd and cd and ordered it immediately. When it arrived I was disapointed by the stiff performance. Mucis was not up to the concept. Report Abuse

 A Feast for the Senses! May 20, 2012
By Janice S. (Everett, WA) -- See All My Reviews
Auditory and visual beauty throughout! My wish would be to sit in the audience in order to allow the Hubble Telescope photos to enhance the gorgeous music and performance art in my own timing rather than the camera's. Report Abuse

 FIne performances, misleading description of vide April 5, 2012
By Stephen D. B. (Great Barrington, MA) -- See All My Reviews
The performance with baroque bows offer a fine selection of music of the period with energetic and technically adept performers is qtuie exciting. The description of the DVD implies, however, at least in the opinion of this reviewer, that the performances are done to a video element incorporating the Hubble Telescope photographs of deep space. While this is leterally true, the photos are enclosed in a disc behind the performaers and are partially visible obscured by the performeers themselves. Therefore the visual element is minimal and distracting to some without bearing any obvious relation to the performance of the music. If you like baroque music splendidly played with rare and very welcome rhymthmic exuberance and musicality, however, I recommend this recording and the accompanying CD. Report Abuse

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