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 Great Mozart at a ridiculously low price February 24, 2017
By Louis Galie (Leander, TX) -- See All My Reviews
Murray Perahia is famous for his interpretations of Mozart. His fame is well-deserved. He gives sensitive, musical performances which are backed up beautifully by the English Chamber Orchestra. This set of 12 CDs from Sony is a real steal ($3.34 a CD). The sound quality is excellent (It's a Sony), the playing is wonderful. Even if you have a few discs of Perahia playing Mozart, at this price it makes sense to get them all! Report Abuse

 Platinum performances November 1, 2016
By Bernard A J. (Kansas City, MO) -- See All My Reviews
I have had these recordings in a whole lot of configurations, but because of the price of this set and remastering, I could not pass up this bargain. These are the all time definite complete recordings of the Mozart Concertos for Piano. They have also stood the test of time as some of these recordings hail from the 1970s with the bulk in the 1980s. The remastering of all the recordings causes them to shine anew. Perahia was very young when he made these recordings also, and I have wondered if he would ever re-record them. I think not as his playing with such impeccable artistry has a youthful vigor to them which he could never find again, and that is probably is what makes these recordings so special. At this price, the best bargain on the market - buy the set while they last. Report Abuse

 Excellent Collection of Mozart Concertos August 16, 2016
By John D. (Wichita Falls, TX) -- See All My Reviews
I have enjoyed listening to this particular collection of the Mozart Concertos. Having the entire collection played by one of my favorite artist, has been most enjoyable. The recordings are a listener's delight,and the price outstanding! The only compliant I have is the lack of program notes. I whole heartily recommend this collection! Report Abuse

 Perahia and Mozart: Perfect August 16, 2016
By L Joseph F. (Washington, DC) -- See All My Reviews
Wonderful performances and recordings. Ideal Mozart playing; no doubt the Master himself would approve. I've been a fan of this set for years, having heard many performances over the radio and purchasing nos. 16 and 17 from a record club a couple of decades ago. Irresistible at the price. Report Abuse

 Outstanding Murray Perahia Performances April 16, 2016
By C. Riter (Portland, OR) -- See All My Reviews
I had the great fortune of hearing Murray Perahia in recital last weekend for the first time. His mastery of the piano was beyond my expectations. Needless to say, that since these discs have arrived, they have been on my CD player non stop. I can't say enough as to the eloquence of the English Chamber Orchestra, the brilliance of Murray, and the great energy that this collection offers. If you were to own only one of Mozart piano collections, make it this selection. Once again Sony Classical nailed it. And so does Murray Perahia. Report Abuse

 Periah plays Mozart January 9, 2016
By John Sebestyen (Weston, MA) -- See All My Reviews
Exquisite interpretation and playing. The early to mid 1970s recording techniques were not up to the present day ones. Or is it the way the CDs were made? I find that in some places the high frequencies are too weak compared to the middle and low ones. Nevertheless, it is a delight to listen to them. Report Abuse

 Wonderful Cycle April 19, 2015
By Henry S. (Springfield, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I don't know what I can add to the many other favorable comments on this 12 CD set from other Arkivmusic patrons. Please permit me to say simply that this cycle definitively demonstrates the joyous, elegant, effervescent nature of Mozart's piano concertos, surely the crown jewels of his extraordinary musical output. If you are looking for a complete cycle of the piano concertos, you don't need to look any further. Absolutely recommended!! Report Abuse

 crisp elegant en having January 2, 2015
By j. kowalsky (fairbanks, AK) -- See All My Reviews
The récordings are wonderfully sconic. The orchestral rendering is full and just simply as Mozart as possible and the solo piano matches in every manner or is it vice versa? This is a superb collection and i cannot get enough as i listen over and over and over and i am thrilled and i am carried right away with every detail such that i can forget my common pedestrian challenges, fully immersed in all detail and the superb musicality. Report Abuse

 Top notch December 30, 2014
By Wayne H. (McAlester, OK) -- See All My Reviews
Until I started listening to this set, I had no idea that Mozart's early concertos would be so enjoyable. For the middle and later ones, I expected it, and these recordings by Perahia and the ECO live up to that expectation. My only quibble is that while having all the concertos in order is undoubtedly convenient for finding the individual works, it makes for pretty short playing time on a number of the discs. Report Abuse

 impressive collection April 6, 2014
By D. McArthur (Gretna, LA) -- See All My Reviews
One review that I read expressed dissatisfaction with the sameness throughout this set. Yes, there is a sameness! The same great pianist, the same great ensemble and the same all-time great composer! Here we have an impessive collection in fine sound in which we can follow the development of Mozart and the piano concerto. What fun, and at a bargain price! Report Abuse

 A superlative set March 28, 2014
By J. Graham (Lansing, MI) -- See All My Reviews
This is an extraordinarily fine set of the Mozart piano concertos, at a rock-bottom price. What impresses me most about these performances is their "rightness"--without calling attention to himself, without flash or eccentricity, Perahia simply presents the music in a natural way that makes you think, "Yes, this is how it should go." Unfortunately, there are no notes on the music, but the sound is excellent, even for some performances 20 years old. Report Abuse

 The best! January 21, 2014
By David J. (Los Angeles, CA) -- See All My Reviews
All of the finest Mozart piano concerts in one place. A must for any collection. Report Abuse

 Excellent Collection! December 6, 2013
By Charles R. Babin (Fredericton, NB) -- See All My Reviews
This is an excellent collection! This is Murray Perahia and The English Chamber Orchestra at their best. Perahia has a big smile on the cover photo and you'll be smiling too every time you play one of these concerti! Report Abuse

 very good altho not thrilling October 26, 2013
By robert freeman chadis (oslo, oslo) -- See All My Reviews
solid intelligent forceful satisfying...convenient basic collection. Report Abuse

 Good Value September 24, 2013
By D. Naito (LAS VEGAS, NV) -- See All My Reviews
Affordable and good recording. Very enjoyable. Report Abuse

 Best Complete Mozart Available September 12, 2013
By arthur i. (alexandria, VA) -- See All My Reviews
This has a rosette rating in the Penguin Guide to Classical Music and it is well deserved. I have other CDs of Mozart's piano concertos and none of them provide an insight into what Mozart was trying to relay in these masterpieces like the playing of Perahia accompanied by sublime performances by the ECO. This set is an absolute must for any classical library. Report Abuse

By Diane K. (Wheaton, IL) -- See All My Reviews
Great acustic balance, terrific performance, wonderful throughout. Report Abuse

 Perahia/Mozaart piano concertos January 6, 2013
By Nina Spiegel (Lauderhill, FL) -- See All My Reviews
Murray Perahia's interpretations of the Mozart piano concertos are not only brilliant, but the sonority, the musicianship, the clarity and the technical skills unite in making these performances exceed other recordings of these concerti by other artists. Report Abuse

 Luscious January 1, 2013
By John Rathbun (Mills River, NC) -- See All My Reviews
I haven't had time to listen to all these concerti, but judging by the first three disks I will definitely find time in the near future. There's more loveable Mozart in the early years than I expected, the sound is good to excellent, and the playing idiomatic, sweet, and accurate. Report Abuse

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