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 Stokowski did it better August 1, 2012
By Richard Hayes (Charlotte, NC) -- See All My Reviews
Frankly, I bought the CD on the basis that I enjoy the music of both Raspighi and Elgar. I was disappointed in their orchestrations. I think the Stokowski transcriptions, done while he was director of the Philadelphia symphony, are better, and truer to Bach,s original organ works. Report Abuse

 Livliest Bach Ever? July 24, 2012
By Richard Broadbent (Emmitsburg, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I bought this disc based on David Hurwitz reivew and am elated with the music. As a fan of Bach, Respighi and Elgar, I've found the combination irresistible. The music is clearly Bach. But with these orchestrations the other composers make it their own too! Particularly with Respighi's transcriptions, one recognizes the tones and colors set by the instruments Respighi was fond of orchestrating his own compositions with. Bach with Resphighi flavor ! Delightful. Most enjoyable. Report Abuse

 Bach in late Romantic style very well played April 6, 2012
By Steven S. (Moorestown, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
These are excellent performances of transcriptions, some of which may strike a modern audience as a little strange. They differ from the transcriptions by Stokowski, which I always found fun, engaging and just a little over the top. The orchestrations here can become much more unusual, with for instance, a piano appearing with the orchestra in one of the Respighi pieces, and harp or harps along with big drums, trumpets and perhaps everything else in the Elgar. The arrangements can be quite stirring, but for me the Elgar veers too close to the tasteless, which surprised me. The Respighi has many extended passages of very quiet playing, nicely done, but also not quite what you would expect. That said, there are many salient strengths here, including impassioned and excellent playing. The highlight of the disk for me is the Respighi transcription of the violin sonata, which becomes a kind of Romantic/Baroque concerto, and altogether very unusual. This is a fascinating disc, well worth hearing, even if you may raise your eyebrows every now and then. Report Abuse

 Great Bach Transcriptions April 6, 2012
By Jesse J. (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
I must congratulate Arkiv and whoever decided to go ahead with this project. I own just about everything Bach wrote and still, this one disc added wonderful sort of new music to my collection. Respigi was a great orchestrator and did another fine job with the Bach material. I am not a professional musician but from my standpoint, this is great music done in a different way. I have thousands of CDs in my collection but this CD will be played more than most. Report Abuse

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