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 Beautiful May 2, 2013
By Mary Lynn H. (San Antonio, TX) -- See All My Reviews
These are great performances of my two favorite Sibelius' symphonies. I guess maybe being Finnish helps because Vanska is excellent. The sound is spectacular and I’m only able to listen to the CD layer; I’m sure on DSD layer this would be incredible. I highly recommend this CD. BIS knows what it’s doing. Report Abuse

 Une redécouverte November 17, 2012
By P. Chapus (MontrĂ©al, Quebec) -- See All My Reviews
Une redécouverte émerveillée. Cet achat me comble. Pierre Report Abuse

 Brilliant Partnership January 28, 2012
By K. Jackson (Tucson, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
I compare the Vanska -Minnesota -BIS partnership with other great past north American teams, Solti-Chicago-Decca,Dutoit-Montreal-Decca, Jarvi-Cincinnati-Telarc.(and with great regret to the demise of Telarc). The BIS SACD sound is the most detailed and dynamic I have ever heard.Clearly the sound can not be appreciated without a reasonably superior sound system. I was very impressed with the Beethoven Symphony Vanska Minnesota cycle and the 4th and 5th piano concerti. The dynamic contrasts and orchestra playing were a revelation. What Vanska does here in the Sibelius with familiarly repertory is similarly impressive. The strings and woodwinds have a Celibidache like intonation that really projects an emotional impact .Note the second movement of the second symphony at the first entrance of the woodwinds. The movement is taken at a pace with a gradual dramatic buildup that transforms it into more of a stand alone tone poem the like of Tapiola. The last movement packs real power. Vanska likes to have the strings play at a barely audible pianissimo leading into the grand climax. The effect is the most powerful I've heard of this movement. The last movement of the 5th symphony has remarkable string playing, quiet and at a brisk clip. Once again the perfect intonation between the two groups of strings in the first thematic group is remarkable. Overall this is one of the best recordings I've hard in years and I look forward to the rest of the Sibelius cycle. I will likely buy any future recordings from this team without reading a review. Report Abuse

 Move Over , CSO January 28, 2012
By Joseph Gallagher (Oak Lawn, IL) -- See All My Reviews
Being from the Windy City, I have always believed our own CSO to be among the finest , if not the best of all our major U.S. orchestras. But now here is a new baby on the block. Along with the recently released Beethoven Cycle, this new recording of Sibelius' two most familiar symphonies,convinced at least this hearer that this orchestra belongs in the Top Five. The ensemble playing has to be heard to be believed,the brass are authoritative without being in your face, and the woodwinds,are as fine and delicate as could possibly be, playing as a true section, not as group of soloists. One caveat, turn down your volume as you enter the Finale of the Symph.#2 or else the transients from the tympanists' fusillade just might damage your own Tympanic Membrane. In closing, hopefully this superb recording will bring about a spate of renewed interest in this neglected composer. Syph #2 Report Abuse

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