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 Los Pajaros Perdidos -The South American Project April 11, 2016
By Jennifer D. (Morphettville, SA) -- See All My Reviews
I first heard this amazing music on the Australian radio station ABC Fm which presents classical music mostly all day. The intensely rhythmic South American instrumentals and folk songs evoked deeply colourful imagery of the region. Sometimes wistful and other times joyous and capturing the heart, it is a beautiful CD which is heard often in my house. Report Abuse

 Entertaining December 24, 2015
By Jesse  J. (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
For those classical music lovers who want something lighter to listen to (especially after Mahler and/or Bruckner, both of whom I love), this album fills the bill, It is very melodic, sound is great and very talented people perform. Of course, liking Spanish also helps. Easily 5 stars. Report Abuse

 A delightful CD! December 26, 2012
By Dr. Stephen  Schoeman (Westfield, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
Here is a delightful CD filled with wonderful South American music beautifully performed. Lots of texture and variety. There is a wealth of music in Latin America as elsewhere in the world other than in Europe. We have among the great composers of Latin America the wonderful Villa-Lobos. No doubt he was influenced by Latin American music chief among it the music of Brazil. Various Latin American instruments and musical forms are to be heard in this CD. All fascinating. Such is the tradition in European classical music where composers like Brahms made heavy use of folk music. Rossini used Swiss horn calls in his masterpiece, one of many, the monumental opera William Tell. Los Pajaros Perdidos should be in anyone one's collection who admires and relishes the music of Latin America. Hats off to ArchivMusic for featuring this CD! Report Abuse

 A Paradise of Plumage April 14, 2012
By James Hamilton M. (San Francisco, CA) -- See All My Reviews
What a delightful and wonderful album. Christian Pluhar and L'Arpeggiata again have provided a symphony of joy for the ears. I highly recommend this album. Report Abuse

 Brilliant album Los Pajaros Perdidos March 31, 2012
By Ernest  W. (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
The entire songs on the album are astounding! Report Abuse

 75 minutes and 33 seconds of pure delight March 31, 2012
By Henry R. -- See All My Reviews
Although my Spanish is feeble at best, Los Pajaoros Perdidos transcends language barriers with its music, and, of course, one can always follow the text in the the comprehensive booklet enclosed. Brava Christina Pluhar and company for a most enjoyable experience. Report Abuse

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