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 A true bargain August 28, 2013
By Gerald C. (Greenville, NC) -- See All My Reviews
Kempff plays beautifully. The music is to be enjoyed rather than used as an exercise to show off technique or an opportunity to demonstrate the artist's "unique" understanding of the composer. The listener is invited to join Kempff in the enjoyment of the music, and it is a pleasure. Report Abuse

 Perfection January 29, 2013
By Huey P. -- See All My Reviews
This Wilhelm Kempff collection is a study in perfection. It is a treasure for any Kempff admirer. Report Abuse

 Genius at Work March 31, 2012
By Joseph Vann (Madison, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
I regret I never heard Kempff perform in life but this beautiful collection nearly makes up for it. So many composers are included, and so much of their work is here: Beethoven complete sonatas, etc. But it is the playing which keeps you spellbound. I always enjoyed Arthur Rubenstein, who was known for his "romantic" style of playing and had long thought Kempff to be a stogy academic - How pleased I was to see (or rather, hear) how wrong I was! I'm a long ways from hearing everything in the set, but I haven't heard a note I didn't like yet! And since Arkiv probably won't pay me a commission, I won't bother to point out what an incredible bargain the set is! Report Abuse

 a treasure-trove of music March 30, 2012
By Martin W. (E. Stroudsburg, PA) -- See All My Reviews
This set is a testament to the art of Wilhelm Kempff, who left us so many superb recordings. Even if you have several of Kempff's CDs, this set is cheap enough that you can duplicate your earlier purchases without feeling cheated. As to quality, suffice it to say that you will probably find the contents of this set that you don't know as satisfying as the ones that you do. I doubt many people will buy a 35-CD set if they haven't heard the pianist, so I will confine my comments to the contents. The set combines all the solo repetoire that Kempff recorded for DG and Decca. Where no stereo recording of a work exists, the mono recording is included. These mono recordings are mostly Brahms, with some Liszt. Of particular interest are recordings that didn't make it into previous sets, like variations and other stray pieces by Beethoven and Schubert, and a lot of works by Bach that don't seem to have been issued previously. Where works have been issued previously, the masterings seem to be the same as what was previously available. The one notable exception is the Beethoven sonata cycle, which is presented here in its second, improved mastering. Report Abuse

By TIM R. (SEATTLE, WA) -- See All My Reviews
Playing them in order. Put on #10, opened up my email to see a request to review the set. So far every piece is extremely well performed and engineered. Wonderful music wonderfully played. Report Abuse

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