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 I Agree February 21, 2014
By bess holloway (Boulder, CO) -- See All My Reviews
All the previous reviewers express my own views about this recording. I would encourage anyone who buys this disc to also explore other works by Stenhammar. I own several and love them all. In general, our North American orchestras have overlooked Stenhammar and other great Swedish composers. Those of us who value variety and inclusion should communicate with these public serviing music organizations. Report Abuse

 Stenhammar's concertos deserve to be better known October 24, 2013
By F. Bayerl (Ottawa, ON) -- See All My Reviews
Both of these concertos by Stenhammar are thoroughly enjoyable works, with a real freshness to their themes. The first is more obviously in the Romantic tradition, its model probably being Brahms's second. Stenhammar definitely has a personal voice that is lyrical and reflective, but both concertos also have their share of virtuoso fireworks. One has to wonder at their complete absence from contemporary concert programs, as I think they would appeal to both soloists and audiences. Report Abuse

 Great Value September 21, 2013
By E. Barnes (Herndon, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I won't pretend to have heard the other recordings of these two concertos, but I have no inclination to look any further. Sivelov plays wonderfully, the recording is impeccable, and the experience is exhilarating. Now take a look at the price. See what I mean? Buy and enjoy! Report Abuse

 deeper treasures! September 4, 2012
By John P. (Roseville, MN) -- See All My Reviews
99.5 does us the favor of exposing us to more and more variety of listening opportunities. Viva la 99.5! Report Abuse

 Good July 6, 2012
By F. Franssen (Roermond, Limburg) -- See All My Reviews
Good and friendly music Report Abuse

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