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 Fantastic collection December 26, 2012
By Paul Michalsen (Plymouth, MI) -- See All My Reviews
This collection serves as a fantastic source for a new or experienced music lover! Report Abuse

 Wonderful history, performers and sound for the m April 30, 2012
By S. Livingston (Peabody, MA) -- See All My Reviews
I have only listened to the first four of the discs, but I am really blown away by the terrific sound from each of these discs. All of the solo instruments have great timbre and large ensembles have a wonderful sense of depth and the instruments are spread well across the stage. I find no hash in the upper frequencies and the bottom end of the orchestra is well represented from the lowest bass drum sounds up through the trombones and horns. I have many Decca recordings on LP by Ansermet playing Stravinsky and would like to see just an Ansermet/Stravinsky CD set from Decca. I would recommend these recordings to anyone for a great price. You really cannot go wrong with this set. In addition to all of this fabulous music, there is a fascinating history of how Decca developed its sound from WWII up to the present. In comparison, this set is far better than the Stravinsky set released by Columbia/Sony in sound quality and information about the music. Get it before it is gone. Report Abuse

 What a nice package! Great music & sound April 16, 2012
By Luciano V. (Philadelphia, PA) -- See All My Reviews
This is a nice box set, both for its music content and the good sound. The alphabetical order helps in choosing the CD, while the alternate color coded envelope helps much in returning to the box. This set contains a wide array of music for many hours of listening. While I will not go into the details of the content - all good choices as far as I am concerned - the small size for so much music makes it a great travel companion into one's vacation destination. I could not have asked for more! Report Abuse

 A********** April 5, 2012
By Thomas Corbett (Naples, FL) -- See All My Reviews
I have not listen to everything yet but it is worth the money. Report Abuse

 An uncommonly balanced set December 27, 2011
By T. Drake (South Euclid, OH) -- See All My Reviews
If there's one good thing that's happened in Classical music over the last few years, it's been the plethora of bargain priced box sets. Such is the case with The Decca Sound, a retrospective of some of that label's most famous recordings from the early stereo era onward. Space doesn't permit me to go into detail on the individual performances here, and I refer the reader to Stephen Worth's review for the full contents of the set. Suffice it to say that there isn't a bad performance to be heard in the set, although a few are less than stellar. The repertoire and performers have been carefully selected so that the individual discs add up to an uncommonly well balanced collection - truly the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The collection is organized alphabetically by primary artist. Some performers appear on more than one disc. For example, Vladimir Ashkenazy appears as pianist (in the Rachmaninoff Third Concerto and Second Sonata) on one disc, then as conductor (in Sibelius's First Symphony and Ashkenazy's own orchestration of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition), and Andras Schiff appears as both accompanist and solo pianist. The original front album covers are reproduced for each disc, and most discs are filled out with bonus tracks. The original liner notes are not included here. In their place is an illustrated hard-bound booklet which goes into detail how the Decca Sound was achieved - essentially it amounted to the selection of the proper microphones and a simple but carefully placed setup. The sound of these recordings, some over 50 years old, holds up really well, particularly the orchestral recordings. I would describe the Decca Sound as warm without being fuzzy, clear without being clinical, all frequencies audible with a deep, resonant bass that doesn't call attention to itself. Highest recommendation. Report Abuse

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