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 Beautiful music, terrible CD quality September 8, 2017
By Don F. -- See All My Reviews
I bought this box set a while ago, but didn't get around to playing any of the CDs until recently. As I go through the box I find that the CDs are terrible quality. Many are unplayable. This is such a shame as the performances are wonderful. I was pretty sure I bought the set on Amazon but cannot find it in my orders. Seems I'm stuck with a duff box set. Report Abuse

 Beautiful music and great value March 31, 2014
By Robert K. -- See All My Reviews
I am extremely happy with the quality of performances and recording across almost all of the CDs contained in this package. Frankly, I am puzzled about the very low review from another purchaser. I wonder if they were expecting something other than music of the 18th century, because these are some of the best recordings out there. Very highly recommended if you like this era in music. Report Abuse

 Superb collection value  January 12, 2013
By Thomas L. (Nashville, TN) -- See All My Reviews
Comprehensive, lovely, and affordable. Everything you could want in a boxed set. Report Abuse

 lot of music for a little money August 28, 2012
By William M. (Sarasota, FL) -- See All My Reviews
This collection provides a terrific amount of music for not much money. Unfotunately to a great extent you get what you pay for. The CD quality ranges from not very good to horrible. I'm going to put the collection up for bid on e-bay and will be happy if I get half of what I paid for it. Report Abuse

 Fanatstic July 29, 2012
By Raejean B. (Avondale, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
I got this because it seemed like such a terrific value and I've not been disappointed. The Tokyo Quartets, the Paul Lewis sonatas, and the Jacobs Figaro seemed, to me at least, to be well worth the price of admission, and the rest is just bonus. Report Abuse

 Diverse repetoire July 28, 2012
By Ira F. (Bloomfield Hills, MI) -- See All My Reviews
There are many not oft heard treasures in this collection of 18th century (mostly latter half) works. I wonder why its compilers felt the to include late Beethoven -the 9th, the grosse fuge- in such a collection, being a 1/4th century beyond time period indicated in the box's subtitle. Also it would be more useful to replace Vivaldi's 4 seasons with something that listeners are less likely to already have in their music library. On the plus side is the inclusion of opera along with instrumental music. Report Abuse

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