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 Steinway Christmas January 13, 2016
By Ken T. (Bethesda, MD) -- See All My Reviews
The album is good but fell a little short of my expectations. Report Abuse

 A Distant Christmas January 19, 2013
By Richard Greiner (Madison, WI) -- See All My Reviews
I find this album a great disappointment. The music comes in interpretations and variations that sound more than tentative. I did not find much Christmas in them. To be, perhaps, a bit harsh, the music came off as twittering and tinkling on the keyboard. I found the tunes a distant versions of a Christmas not quit realized. No singing along here! Doc G Report Abuse

 "Nice" Playing December 12, 2012
By G. Lewis (Wichita Falls, TX) -- See All My Reviews
No doubt about it, Jeffrey Biegel plays very well but it would be unfair to judge his musicianship on this album. There's something about the playing that sounds glossy, electronic and superficial and I wonder about where it was recorded. I could be wrong but, while the reverb sounds "nice," it does not sound natural. Would I try to sell it or give it away--definitely not. One doesn't listen here as critically as they listen to a Mozart sonata; this is music to enjoy and I definitely enjoy it as background music. And the lyre, bigger than the brass one that Steinway uses on their fallboard, is a "nice" bonus to the album. It's a "nice" album, buy it. Report Abuse

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