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 EXCELLENT March 26, 2015
By TED Q. (HENDERSON, NV) -- See All My Reviews
I love this album. It gives a new feel, totally elegant, to traditional Christmas favorites. Perfect for the holidays, and holiday parties. Report Abuse

 Steinway Christmas January 15, 2014
By John Edelblute (Hartford, WI) -- See All My Reviews
An excellent Christmas addition to my Christmas collection. It is the perfect background music for my holiday family gatherings. It was played repeatedly. This is a wise choice for anyone who enjoys piano music played with style and a holiday flair. Report Abuse

 Christmas Cocktails January 10, 2014
By Veronica L. (Springboro, OH) -- See All My Reviews
This album was as promised: a soft and mellow "piano bar" offering of Christmas music, perfect for those cocktail hour gatherings during the holidays. I had been looking for something like this for years. Report Abuse

 Great stuff November 11, 2013
By J Robert Brookens (Lawrence, KS) -- See All My Reviews
Awesome CD. Who can resist the simplicity and beauty of a solo piano? ...and absolutely delightful. Very well done! Report Abuse

 poor sound engineering. January 29, 2013
By james milford (lake orion, MI) -- See All My Reviews
The pianist is brilliant, his arrangements delightful. However, the sound engineering is frustrating and poor. Adjusting the sound control for the listener is a constant challenge. Report Abuse

 perfect christmas cd January 23, 2013
By Patricia H. (Rochester, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Throughly enjoyed Steinway Christmas Album. Wonderful arrangements, great sound. Good for quiet evening around fireplace, quiet dinner party, watching the snow fall outside. Report Abuse

 A Distant Christmas January 19, 2013
By Richard Greiner (Madison, WI) -- See All My Reviews
I find this album a great disappointment. The music comes in interpretations and variations that sound more than tentative. I did not find much Christmas in them. To be, perhaps, a bit harsh, the music came off as twittering and tinkling on the keyboard. I found the tunes a distant versions of a Christmas not quit realized. No singing along here! Doc G Report Abuse

 Excellent  January 11, 2013
By j. burke (washington, DC) -- See All My Reviews
If you love the piano (we own a Steinway) this is a wonderful Christmas album. Excellent, talented interpretation of Christmas music makes you feel as if you have a professional in your living room (or you were, vicariously, good enough to play it your self). Well worth it as a dedicated listen or background for a party or dinner. Report Abuse

 A Holiday Favorite January 10, 2013
By Carol H. (Arlington, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I love this CD and have given it as a gift as well. The arrangements of carols and other holiday tunes are special and beautiful. This is a nice change from the typical commercial Christmas CD. I kept this and the Rutter Cambridge Singers CD in rotation in my BOSE. Report Abuse

 Spirit of the Season! January 10, 2013
By John B. (Ashburn, VA) -- See All My Reviews
This is a wonderful disk. Very bright and appealing arrangements - particularly of "Sleigh Ride." We own and enjoy it and bought it as a gift for a client that enjoys piano music and is looking at pianos to buy. They loved it too. Report Abuse

 New Holiday Classic January 9, 2013
By Paul P. (Grand Rapids, MI) -- See All My Reviews
My introduction to "A Steinway Christmas Album" was hearing the first track played on the ArkivMusic channel—a bright, sparkling rendition of "Sleigh Ride." Can yet another version of this venerable tune sound fresh and new? Well, yes, it turned out. Pianist Jeffrey Biegel has a crisp, light touch, the high, staccato chords are like icicles shimmering in the sun, and the whole thing trots along delightfully. The rest of the album is just lovely, ranging from lush, contemplative pieces to sprightly, jazzy numbers, with a surprisingly successful mash-up of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and "Ding Dong Merrily On High" thrown in for good measure. A perfect accompaniment to dinner or decompression time after a hectic day. Report Abuse

 Great Holiday Music January 5, 2013
By Michael S. (Saint Paul, MN) -- See All My Reviews
While not as original as the "Classical Carols" CD, Jeffey Biegel has another gfreat Christmas CD. If you are looking for excellent arrangements and solo piano Christmas music, put this at the top of the list. Report Abuse

 Brilliant playing January 3, 2013
By m. cherry (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
The performance is brilliant and the arrangements are stunning. For pianophiles of mind to endulge a bit at Christmas time, this hits the spot. Report Abuse

 Very Nice atmosphere December 31, 2012
By M. Hereish (Chandler, QC) -- See All My Reviews
I loves it. Technically excellent, various, diversifiée, Worth having Report Abuse

 Steinway has another Hit! December 23, 2012
By M. Vega (Mounds View, MN) -- See All My Reviews
I love piano music and Steinway makes for beautiful music. You will love this Christmas CD. Report Abuse

 Beautiful Program, Played Well December 16, 2012
By Michael W. (Knoxville, TN) -- See All My Reviews
This is an excellent program of music, and it's played very nicely. I agree with another reviewer that the recorded sound is a little too glossy. The piano sounds very bright, and I would have preferred a richer, warmer sound. I doubt it is the piano, so I believe the issue is with the recording or mastering process.. The Christmas ornament is a nice touch. Overall, I am enjoying this CD, but it won't become my favorite Christmas album. Report Abuse

 "Nice" Playing December 12, 2012
By G. Lewis (Wichita Falls, TX) -- See All My Reviews
No doubt about it, Jeffrey Biegel plays very well but it would be unfair to judge his musicianship on this album. There's something about the playing that sounds glossy, electronic and superficial and I wonder about where it was recorded. I could be wrong but, while the reverb sounds "nice," it does not sound natural. Would I try to sell it or give it away--definitely not. One doesn't listen here as critically as they listen to a Mozart sonata; this is music to enjoy and I definitely enjoy it as background music. And the lyre, bigger than the brass one that Steinway uses on their fallboard, is a "nice" bonus to the album. It's a "nice" album, buy it. Report Abuse

 Just Wonderfully Delightful! November 27, 2012
By E. Bird -- See All My Reviews
Christmas is my most Favorite time of the year, I enjoy attending Concerts, but this year my time is very limited due to my Son having Cancer. Listening to Jeffrey Biegel performance in the Steinway Christmas Album, I felt as tho I was right in the concert hall, front row seat. it really brought joy to my fallen heart! plus when I went to pull out the program notes, much to my surprise their was a small Music Ornament!! Thank You to Jeffrey and Steinway and Sons! Report Abuse

 A Star on a Steinway January 2, 2012
By Edwin C. (Wheaton, IL) -- See All My Reviews
If you can watch the online video first you will fill your check out basket with dozens of CD's. "Sleigh Ride" is impossible to play, but here it looks like magic, it's soo good. Besides the having the recording you also get tucked inside the folder an elegant, gold tree hanging of the Steinway logo. Fabulous in the Steinway series. Report Abuse

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