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 sparkling November 28, 2015
By Clifford E. Yuknis Y. (Chicago, IL) -- See All My Reviews
clean and wonderful presentation--"fresh" and confident Report Abuse

 Fast is in the ear of the beholder March 25, 2013
By Robert C. (Tucson, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
These interpretations of the Chopin Scherzos are as terrific as they come. Very Horowitz-like; and I really don't like Horowitz but I love these. The rest of the disc is very fine. There are three or four other versions of Gaspard I might listen to first; but I have no intention of giving up this one. Report Abuse

 Extraordinary playing January 19, 2013
By Michael Gast (Santa Fe, NM) -- See All My Reviews
I've heard this repertoire all my life played by the greatest pianists of our time and the recorded past. Grosvenor not only holds his own but offers a uniquely musical personality that wipes the dust from all these works in refreshing, thoroughly engaging performances that now rank among my favorites. This young man is a minor miracle, and the recorded sound by Decca is stunning, too. Report Abuse

 Fantastic recording January 18, 2013
By M. Labarge (Blacksburg, VA) -- See All My Reviews
The performances are stunning, the recording is flawless. The finest piano recording I've acquired in years. Report Abuse

 Excellent performance May 18, 2012
By Albert T. (Hartford, CT) -- See All My Reviews
Refreshing interpretation of well known piano compositions. Report Abuse

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