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 Very Fast Fingers - But Strange January 19, 2013
By Richard Greiner (Madison, WI) -- See All My Reviews
Hear some of the fastest finger work in captivity. Grosvenor can play faster that anyone I have heard. Perhaps faster that should be allowed. I had to dig out some of my many older and more mature performances of these works to recapture my sanity. I found the recording, despite the speed of performance, to be dull. The piano emitted big, muddled and dull thumps in the lower registers. As an engineer and designer of audio equipment for 50 years, I still could not figure out what Decca had done to sound. Perhaps the muddle was caused by the piano or the room. I found all of the performances wanting and especially the Chopin. I hope to never hear this disc again. Doc G Report Abuse

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