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 Bernstein Plays Bernstein October 25, 2016
By George S. (Columbia, MD) -- See All My Reviews
If you've seen Bernstein's brilliant conducting, you can hear it in "Bernstein Conducts Bernstein". Traditionally, Bernstein moved music with a moving rhythm, somewhat faster than other conductors on many pieces of music, symphonies, et al. You must be able to hear him lead in your heart, not just your ears. Report Abuse

 Bernstein conducts May 31, 2016
By Malcolm King (Belair, SA) -- See All My Reviews
the music of Bernstein has always intrigued me,anything from jazz to his take on a mass. the listener has the chance to hear and enjoy the many styles he wrote. particulary the symposium after Plato,symphony no 2 and the short musical,Trouble in Tahiti.I would like to have had some programme notes for the less familiar pieces. otherwise a great collection and grat value. Malcolm King Report Abuse

 Definitive Bernstein April 26, 2016
By Mark S. (Fort Mill, SC) -- See All My Reviews
I purchased the set to acquaint myself with his oeuvre. It was fun listening to the various pieces. In the end, I gave this set of Bernstein performances three stars. The reason is that in my judgment most of the music contained in the set hardly bears repetitive listening. Bernstein's style is very eclectic and wide-ranging, but non sequitur in its musical architecture. The Mass especially made me laugh at times, but it was woefully banal to my ears. Bernstein achieved too much. On the positive side, it IS a very good value for all the music you get for the price. It's just that you won't be playing it often to perhaps justify it. Report Abuse

 Definitive Performances July 1, 2014
By John Rathbun (Mills River, NC) -- See All My Reviews
How to describe Bernstein? He has a chameleon-like quality that allows him to write well in a variety of styles. Nothing he wrote seems indispensable to me, but a lot of it I'm grateful for. He certainly had access to the resources needed to realize his ambitions in these recordings. Perhaps his Mass is the most interesting, but almost any other Bernstein tune that interests you is included here. And you can't beat this package for value! Report Abuse

By P. Ledesma (Wellington, KS) -- See All My Reviews
Put simply, this is an incredible set for lovers of Bernstein's music! The music is interpreted and played quite masterfully, and these recordings also deliver incomparable sound quality! My only quibbles are with the opening to the Mass, which so troubled me that I discontinued listening to it altogether! The other is that the 3rd Symphony (Kaddish) - to my dismay - has a horrible and deranged libretto. Yet, the music is so hauntingly attractive that it is still worth enduring the theological delusions to get to the music's conclusion. I have always felt that Leonard Bernstein was one of the greatest American musicians in history! I believe that this collection makes a most COMPELLING case (though I'm not so sure about the Mass yet)! I found the minor foibles weren't enough to deny this set a 5 star rating! Too much quality abounds for me to value it any less! Report Abuse

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