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 Great Muisc - Great Set - Great Value October 6, 2013
By J. Markley (Chapman, KS) -- See All My Reviews
This is a fabulous set and a tremendous value. The performers are first rate. The music is some of the greatest composed. Some may argue about a more purist, historical approach, but the performances are wonderful. Highly recommended. Report Abuse

 "What can one say?" October 6, 2013
By Fred J Harris (Downers Grove, IL) -- See All My Reviews
Wonderfully performed, perfectly recorded, a delight in every way. Both the choral and solo voices are so clear that the German text is understandable. The balance between the singers and instruments could not be improved. Report Abuse

 Bach's most outstanding work October 5, 2013
By Ivan  Arguelles (Berkeley, CA) -- See All My Reviews
The entire set of Bach's cantatas is a revelation. Bach obviously poured the best of his creative spirit and energies into the cantatas. Listened to as a whole, as one organic composition, is to be in touch with western classical music at its most sublime and inventive. 70 cds might seem too much, but cd after cd offers multiple surprises of joy and awe. The sheer imagination and inventiveness in both instrumental and vocal settings indeed astounds the ear! Bach's depth of feeling is unsurpassed, and the range of emotions from the tragic to the sublime with all shades and nuances in between is simply amazing. The collective whole of the cantatas clearly sets Bach above and beyond the rank of great composers. Report Abuse

 A Musical No-Brainer March 8, 2013
By M. Malouf (Mission Viejo, CA) -- See All My Reviews
At less than $1.50 per disc, this qualifies as a near-steal of some of the most satisfying recordings of Bach's cantatas since the Richter cycle of the '70's (which is not a complete collection, but does represent a liturgical year). Mr. Rilling leads his forces in an exquisitely tasteful and reverent offering, and the accompanying CD-ROM and booklets are a generous addition to the CD collection, as most other "budget-friendly" packages come without the original liner notes and explanations. The cantatas are presented numerically in their BWV order, but there is a liturgical calendar in the booklet that outlines which cantatas are appropriate for each Sunday of the liturgical year. Thank you for making this invaluable collection available at a value-conscious price! Report Abuse

 Quite difficult not to understand and enjoy bette February 13, 2013
By Leopoldo L. (Oakland, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Helmut Rilling, the Stuttgart Bach Collegium and the soloists performance is brilliant. It takes quite a long time to hear all the Cantatas, obviously not as much as the effort to record them. Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Ton Koopman, recordings which I started to buy, took patience to wait for their release and their price is up there. The CD Rom of this set gives you all the information you need together with the texts in several languages. It could be better for us Mac users to have the same access that Windows users have. In volume 4, the BWVs shows 10, 12, 13, 11is missing and/or do not coincide compared with the old Telefunken of Harnoncourt, which is confusing. Some are not recorded because they are considered apocryphal. Nevertheless these 70 CDs can claim the title of complete, for us lovers of Bach's music, brings many hours of enjoyment. Report Abuse

 A Treasure! March 1, 2012
By C. Bryner (Price, UT) -- See All My Reviews
Here's what I love about Rilling's approach: this is a big, full, warm sound, that puts you in the center of the drama, as opposed to the somewhat spare sound that can at times create a real distance between listener and performers in other conductors who over-emphasize historical accuracy. Rilling's love for the music comes through. I find a palpable sense of drama, energy, and motion that is constant throughout all the years these performances span. There is great fervency here. These are technically superb performers, whose playing is precise and crisp; but maybe more important is the blending, sense of proportionality and balance between the different instruments themselves and the between the orchestra and the singers. Although the singers use vibrato, it's not overwhelming, and they never overwhelm their accompaniment, or the music itself. It seems as if Rilling has put into the performers a real sense of humility - as if they understand that Bach and the music is what really matters here. The supporting materials are also great. The CD-ROM has very extensive liner notes for each of the cantatas, along with lyrics in English, German, Spanish, and French (and maybe more). The liner notes are dense with substance, and can be studied for hours, and are somewhat daunting for someone like me who is not a professional musician. For those who are just casual fans of Bach's music, this box is an incredible value and tons of fun. If you consider Bach's cantatas to be the pinnacle of musical devotion and one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, as I do, this is truly a treasure! Report Abuse

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