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Customer Reviews for: The Budapest String Quartet Plays Beethoven - The Complete String Quartets

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 The best ever December 5, 2012
By H Richard W. (Bayside , WI) -- See All My Reviews
Better than Vegh, Julliard, Takacs and any other contenders. Vivid insight, humor, intensity. A treasure. Report Abuse

 fond memories August 7, 2012
By john m. (mansfield, PA) -- See All My Reviews
My flute teacher, many years ago, taught me the mechanics of flute playing, and then taught me musicianship. I had to listen to recordings of the best musicians in the world, and much of what I listened to were recordings by the Budapest quartet. I was entranced. They really did play with great musicianship, and I thought their technique was impeccable. Until I bought these discs, I listened to the Guarneri; their playing is more polished than the Budapest, but both groups are among the elite. Report Abuse

 Hallowed Interpretation July 27, 2012
By Anthony G. (SANTA FE, NM) -- See All My Reviews
One need not speak of the Quartets. They speak for themselves. As a seasoned music lover, and collector (3400 cds), I, of course, have several recording of these quartets, including a venerable one by the the old Koeckert String Quartet (excellent), worth your while to seek out. The Budapest playing of the Quartets is also worth your listening and buying. There is a sweetness, verve, and majesty to their performance that, like a Time Machine, transports us back to an earlier time (The 50's and before) where passion, poetic license, and sheer abandon were exhibited in the playing of all music sometimes at the expense of accuracy or literalness, but so much more joie de vivre, freedom, and freshness were conveyed. Even a sense of "hold on to your seats." Analogs would be listening to Kreisler today (and comparing him to any other virtuoso today or soon after him) or reading the old King James Version of the Bible. This hallowed quality adheres to the way the Budapest String Quartet honors Beethoven in this rendition. Report Abuse

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