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 Great artists; aging recording July 14, 2012
By Mark W. (Auckland, Auckland) -- See All My Reviews
Without any doubt, the Budapest String Quartet plays a very inspired Beethoven. This is not a perfect interpretation, but a very sensitive one - and certainly one that takes your breath away from the first notes onwards. This is (so far) my only Beethoven's Complete String Quartets boxset, and I am glad I chose this very mature interpretation. The recordings sound amazing too, given their old age; almost modern; the only problem being magnetic tape deterioration, where the layers of analog tape copied themselves on each other during the long storage years. The latter spoils all the fortissimi, which you can hear a few seconds beforehand during the preceding silences - a flaw that even an unexperienced sound engineer like myself could have easily eliminated using freeware like Audacity. For that reason, this boxset does not deserve its ADD SPARS code (it should be AAD instead) and I rate it 3 stars... hoping that a better remastered version will appear one day. Report Abuse

 Now Showing: 3 Stars Only  |  See User Reviews by:  
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