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 Great Recordings February 2, 2013
By L. White (New Westminster , BC) -- See All My Reviews
These recordings are well done and Sir Thomas has done a great job of interpreting the work of these well known composers! Report Abuse

 A Wonderful Collection June 14, 2012
By James H. (Vancouver, BC) -- See All My Reviews
everything on this 6 CD set was pretty well recorded quite some time ago; it is the grouping together of these wonderful composers that creates a wonderful "Genre" collection. the enjoyment from this set will never wear out; great quality by the best of musicians. Report Abuse

 Excellent historical compilation  April 20, 2012
By CHARLES MULVILLE (108 MILE RANCH, BC) -- See All My Reviews
If my ears like the sound of the music, then I like it also!!! Thomas Beecham was a well respected conductor and apart from this compilation, recorded the compositions of Delius, so it is nice to see that he also had a great love for French music. I purchased this collection having heard the sound bites on your presentation and so far have played discs 5 & 6.I think that,considering the age of the original music(1947-1959),the engineers have re-mastered the music very well and so technically they compete well with today's standards. I think EMI are to be congratulated not only for the music itself, but also for the way they have presented the collection. This is very much a collector's item and the cost is well worth the enjoyment of the collection in whole. Well Done!! Report Abuse

 AHHH, Sir Thomas Beecham April 17, 2012
By KAREN W. (WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IA) -- See All My Reviews
Sir Thomas Beecham was the first conductor whose work I loved. Happy to hear him again - I was amazed at the Symphonie Fantastique performance - powerful, thrilling! Report Abuse

 Forgotten gems April 12, 2012
By D. Houston (Wyandotte, MI) -- See All My Reviews
Thanks for giving us an outlet to be able to look back and enjoy the work of artists that would otherwise be forgotten by current and future generations. These are works were a specialty for Sir Thomas and he definitely approached them as anything but a "warhorse". Many of the current crowd of conductors would benefit from studying his work. Report Abuse

 Classic Performances April 11, 2012
I began purchasing recordings in the 1950’s. At that time Beecham was a towering if somewhat controversial personality in classical music. These recordings reveal the beauty of his music making with attention to detail, balance, and lyrical phasing. The majority of these performances were recorded in the late 1950s and the sound quality is first rate with realistic timber and vivid three-dimensional stereo image. Very enjoyable. Report Abuse

 10 stars out of 5 April 10, 2012
By Jerry W. (Tarzana, CA) -- See All My Reviews
First--ArchivMusic is an enormous force in the perpetuation of great music--and discernment of it-- in this era. I regard their recommendations with the highest esteem--and have never been led astray. The box sets I have purchased from Archiv have become the treasure troves of my collection to which I refer again and again. Now--the box set of Sir Thomas Beecham / French Music: first the quality of the actual recording--stunning! I jumped to review the dates of recordings--some in 1959 in Studio 1 of Abbey Road / EMI--a few years before the Beatles made it a household name. It could have been recorded yesterday--the clarity and volume-to-disc are state of the art. I cannot listen to anything Sir Thomas conducts without 'hearing' his voice talking--his performances are infused with his personality--charming, tempi dead on, witty, inspiring, revelatory--and every other superlative I can't think of right now. As with most purchases of Archiv--they immediately became the staple of listening as of when the cellophane comes off the packaging. The CD stays in the car player--taken out only to go into the house player. They are certain performances that are 'the best there is'. There may be different out there--and that is welcomed--but not necessarily better. That is my assessment of the Beecham French Music collection. Opinionated, yes---but heartfelt. Report Abuse

 Beecham Conducts French Music April 10, 2012
By Charles G. (Harper Woods, MI) -- See All My Reviews
This is a marvelous anthology of French music conducted by one of the truly great and inspiring conductors of the 20th century. At its amazingly low price it is an outstanding bargain. Report Abuse

 Beecham April 10, 2012
By S.Dale Loomis (Geneva, IL) -- See All My Reviews
No complaints, really. A quality product keeping the legacy of a great musician available. I hope that philosophy will continue with other archival recordings. Report Abuse

 Fabulous in every way - plus a huge bargain March 31, 2012
By vic d. (charlestown, RI) -- See All My Reviews
I usually only purchase flac files however this mp3 is fabulous - the music with Sir Thomas Beecham could not be any better - considering when this music was recorded this recording is a miracle! Thanks! Report Abuse

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