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 A great colaboration! More Please!! May 16, 2013
By Gary W Duncan (Boston, MA) -- See All My Reviews
I believe I have every Bell CD ever issued and have seen him perform several times. No surprise here in saying he is one of the very best violinists anywhere today. But if you love piano you are in for a wonderful treat with this CD. Jeremy Denk is simply flawless. This is a remarkable beautiful concert by two masters and really is a must have CD. I hope these two issue more CD's in collaboration. How about a Brahms? And unsurprising, this CD is getting lots of play on Classical Radio stations. Have heard it in Boston and Kansas City! Report Abuse

 Wonderful! February 3, 2013
By Paul Burgess (Wheaton, IL) -- See All My Reviews
I loved this recording. Of course, that's partly because of the collaboration of two great artists. Their ensemble is exquisite. They bring out the phrasing and lines in wonderful collaboration. Energy pours out when needed, and the contrasting quiet passages are very warm. A nice collection of music, and the recording quality is really good. It feels as though they are playing here in my room, just for me! Report Abuse

 Double Delight January 18, 2013
By S. Phillips (Minneapolis, MN) -- See All My Reviews
ArkivMusic's offerings are tempting enough, but this was a real must-have. I have had the pleasure of hearing Joshua Bell at many Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra concerts, and on radio and CDs. Jeremy Denk was featured in concert a season or two ago, my first time to hear him. I was dazzled, as was the rest of the audience! I could hardly wait for the CD to arrive. Aside from fantastic skills and fine interpretations, both artists share the trait of performing with absolute joy, both in the music and with each other. This is evident in their natural give-and-take. Having now seen each one, I can picture their delight. I am not qualified to write a technical analysis, but am happy to contribute an opinion. Thank you! Report Abuse

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