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 Van Cliburn January 13, 2015
By John Barnhart (Aurora, OH) -- See All My Reviews
Outstanding recordings. Purchased additional set for gift. Receiver was estacic at the quality of the recordings. Report Abuse

 Remembering Van Cliburn July 17, 2014
By jan h. (fort worth, TX) -- See All My Reviews
Even before Van Cliburn died, I was looking for a collection of his piano concertos without having to buy several CDs. On my search, I discovered your website and could not believe my eyes when I found this collection. I listen to them everyday. We miss Van terribly in Fort Worth. He was a wonderful and kind man. Thank goodness there are recordings like these which demonstrate his true brilliance! Report Abuse

 Poor Audio May 8, 2013
By David B. (Toronto, ON) -- See All My Reviews
Sorry, but the sound is not up to standard. I have the Van Cliburn Great Piano Concertos, and I compared the Beethoven No. 4 with the No. 5. The No. 5 sound is way superior. DaveB Report Abuse

 All this for around twenty bucks?!!! January 25, 2013
By Brian  S. (Monroe, NC) -- See All My Reviews
I had several LP's of these recordings that got destroyed. I missed them. They may not be an "audiophiles" dream, but it's a great collection and may not be available forever. The Brahms' 2nd concerto is my favorite. Or Rach variations. Or.... Well worth it. Report Abuse

By Michael M Rosenblatt (San Jose, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I was wondering if the quality of the recordings would "match" modern CDs, since I know that they were all re-mastered recordings. The engineers did a fine job and they sound very nearly as good as a completely mastered CD, although some treble is missing when compared to the newest technology. Cliburn's performance of Rach 3 was (to my ears) even more on the mark than Horowitz, who tends to rush the Cadenza, in an effort to get it over with. Cliburn is magical and at the very top of his art when he made that recording with Russian Conductor Kondrashin. Cliburn always had incredible technical mastery, but one was never "aware" of it in his music making. This is all the more amazing in that Cliburn's Rach 3 is a live performance. I feel Van should be compared to and on the list of the great Rach 3 performances. Van will not be with us much longer, as he has terminal cancer. I hope that people buy this recording, which is well worth the small amount it cost. Surprisingly, Van also comes through very successfully with his Beethoven Emperor. It is a classical performance, not a "romantic" one, as you might have expected. Yet, Beethoven was going so far beyond Mozart in that, his last piano concerto, that he certainly expected a more-than-Mozart performance, and that is a tough balance. Cliburn makes exactly the right balance, to his credit. I actually prefer Rubinstein's Grieg Concerto to Vans', but that is simply a matter of taste. Rubinstein considered his Grieg to be his very best recording ever, and that is probably true. Long live Van and his music! Report Abuse

By Arthur Papas (Weston, MA) -- See All My Reviews
superb collection of the piano concertos with emotional and dazzling performances in places. Report Abuse

 Outstanding.... September 8, 2012
By Joseph S. (Philadelphia, PA) -- See All My Reviews
One of the greats of our sorry to hear that this great artist is so ill. Report Abuse

 Van Cliburn:Great Piano Concertos September 5, 2012
By Doris Barrett (Binscarth, MB) -- See All My Reviews
Very enjoyable Report Abuse

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