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 drdave May 18, 2013
By David J. (Los Angeles, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Great set! No classical collection should be without it. Report Abuse

 Schubert Symphonies October 8, 2012
By G. Denni (San Pedro, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I am comparing these recordings of the Schubert Symphonies with the recordings made by Riccardo Mut with the Vienna Philharmonic between 1987 and 1993. With our getting boged down in too much detail, both sets of recordings are very good and I would suggest either edition as a good addition to your collection. However, I fee Muti creates a little more intensity and drama then Blomstedt does especially in Symphonies 8 and 9. Muti's effort matches Bruno Walters efforts on the 8th and 9th done in the late 50's early 60's. Gary Denni San Pedro Report Abuse

 A fine Schubert Symphony set! September 22, 2012
By Gail M. (Goleta, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Herbert Blomstedt and the Dresden Staatskapelle have produced an excellent set of performances of these symphonies. The style is that of 50 years ago, without unbalancing repeats,and with the sound of a full-size orchestra. But the phrasing is crisp, avoiding dullness and congestion while projecting the drama required in the last two symphonies. The earlier, lighter ones are beautifully done, too. I have long appreciated this performance of the 9th symphony; now we have them all in an excellent set. Report Abuse

 Ideal Schubert September 18, 2012
By Joseph A. (Media, PA) -- See All My Reviews
The Blomstedt/Dresden Staatskapelle interpretation of the Schubert symphonies is as good as it gets. While these readings differ from the highly praised Böhm recordings which I've enjoyed for years and many rank as the best, they are every bit as inspired. Blomstedt takes a somewhat more relaxed approach, yet the pace seems just right, never lagging. Attacks are crisp and the ensemble playing ideal. This set is now my favorite Schubert symphony collection. Report Abuse

 A provisional review August 18, 2012
By Mark DeVoto (Medford, MA) -- See All My Reviews
I give this collection 4 stars PROVISIONALLY because although I have the highest regard for Blomstedt as a conductor I have not heard any of this recording. If I heard it, I'd probably give it five stars. I'm writing now just as commentary, because the three symphonies (7, 8, 10) listed by the previous reviewer are not complete by Schubert's own hand, as noted. For the Symphony in E minor/major, D 729 (sketched 1821) sometimes called no. 7, only the slow introduction and first 76 Allegro measures of the first movement are fully scored by Schubert (and they are quite excellent); yet Schubert sketched out all four movements, chiefly melody and bass. There have been several "completions", notably by Weingartner in the 1930s, and most recently by Brian Newbould. If you compare the available recordings, you will note that these versions are very different. The so-called Symphony no. 10, in Newbould's reconstruction, is actually based on sketches for what might well be three different tentatively-begun symphonies from 1818 to 1828. My hope is that the eight surviving Schubert symphonies, including the famous B minor "Unfinished", would be recorded by a major orchestra along with a dozen of Schubert's overtures, which include some of his best and at the same time least-known orchestral music. I have discussed all of these matters at some length in my recent book, _Schubert's Great C Major: Biography of a Symphony_ (Pendragon Press, 2011). Report Abuse

 An Incomplete version of the Schubert Symphonies August 17, 2012
By Jay Silman (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
This set can stand on its own for historical interest but is missing the following based on modern Schubert Scholarship:

1. Symphony No. 7 in E

2. Complete Version of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony(No. 8) (c/f version of Gerald Abraham)

3. Symphony No. 10 in D (Brian Newbould, edited version)
Report Abuse

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