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 Great Service from ArkivMusic October 10, 2015
By dorothy h. (shelton, CT) -- See All My Reviews
This CD was sent as a gift to a person who appreciates John Eliot Gardiner's orchestration of Beethoven's symphonies. Report Abuse

 Supreme Beethoven  January 16, 2015
By H. Ventura (Mililani, HI) -- See All My Reviews
These symphonies exemplify Beethoven's genius: mystic,rebel,revolutionary,liberator. This set is the Holy Grail of Beethoven symphonies for me. Tempos are right on with detailed transparent recordings to match. Fresh spirited interpretations of each symphony crackle with electricity. Amazingly, the Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique does not sound like a period orchestra; no scratchy strings or wheezing winds. Desert island set. Report Abuse

 Excellent collection October 19, 2013
Several years ago I purchased Beethoven's Third and Fifth Symphonies on a single CD conducted by John Eliot Gardiner. At the time I felt Gardiner's interpretation of Beethoven was outstanding. When I found the entire collection of all nine of Beethoven's Symphonies conducted by Gardiner at such a reasonable price, I jumped at the chance to purchase them. When the CDs arrived, I listened to all nine of Beethoven's great symphonies nonstop. This is by far, the best CD collection I have found. Report Abuse

 Gardiner Packs A Wallop!! August 15, 2012
By W. Brown (Centerburg, OH) -- See All My Reviews
One can never have too many Beethoven symphony cycles- but if one was to choose, this would be at the top of the list. This is a unique collection. For one thing, Gardiner uses an orchestra that utilizes period instruments. The sound is quite different than what most are used to hearing. Gardiner likes to take his tempos brisk and precise. This is a set that keeps one on the edge of his seat. Very exciting performances - grab this one!! Highly recommended!! Report Abuse

 One of the outstanding Beethoven cycles July 22, 2012
By Henry S. (Springfield, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Although there have been many excellent collections of Beethoven symphonies issued on CD over the years, Sir John Elliot Gardiner's landmark cycle with his Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique must surely rank right at the very top of the list. Years ago, when the cycle was first issued and symphonies were also available on single disks, this reviewer bought the disk containing the 3rd and 5th Symphonies. On the CD booklet notes was a phrase to the effect... 'this is the stuff of which revolutions are made.' In this reviewer's opinion, it absolutely applies to the entire set of nine symphonies. At a bargain price, what an opportunity to acquire a staggering musical experience. Don't hesitate! Report Abuse

 A Revelation July 13, 2012
By F rancis H. (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
This conductor and ensemble brought their performances of these works to Carnegie Hall last November, and I was lucky enough to attend one of the concerts.

Even though this recording dates from 1994, the performance seems quite similar. Even if you think you know these works, I encourage you to buy this set. You will hear things in the music you never knew were there, and the overall effect is revelatory.
Report Abuse

 the best July 5, 2012
By Carol Furnée (GREENWOOD, IN) -- See All My Reviews
My favorite of all the nine Beethoven Symphony recordings Report Abuse

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