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 One irritating problem May 27, 2014
By James S. (Portland, OR) -- See All My Reviews
There is no alphabetical index included with this set. The music is wonderful- but how is a person supposed to find a specific piece? Arkivmusic lists 430 individual entries in this set- but doesn't tell you what disc they are on. A reviewer on Amazon lists the individual discs, but not the complete contents of each. There apparently was a website for this set, but when you try to access it, you are informed that the registration expired April 25, 2014. So if you want a table of contents, you can (have to) print out the contents from the Arkivmusic list, and then search through the discs to note where to locate each individual piece. Note that the individual discs do not have barcodes, so if you use an organizing system that reads barcodes, you are out of luck here. It's hard to believe that this lavishly illustrated and highly promoted set omits something as basic as an index. Report Abuse

 best recording purchase ever March 1, 2014
By Allen S. (HOLLAND, MI) -- See All My Reviews
Its Yo-You Ma: enough said. Its a treat to enjoy his music and hear his progression from the early years to the present. The box, along with the book, is well organized, easy to use and a valuable addition to any collection. Report Abuse

 Stunning tribute collection January 30, 2014
By K M Hill (Halifax, NS) -- See All My Reviews
What more could one ask for in a collection, but the complete recordings by an artist? Gorgeous book. Perfectly packaged to avoid damage in transit in enormous, styrofoam mold box, custom made for the collection - similar to the packaging used for high end a/v equipment. Excellent value. Hours and hours of cello pleasure. Report Abuse

 Fantastic set, and especially fine book January 20, 2014
By Samuel T. (Dayton, OH) -- See All My Reviews
I have lots of Yo Yo Ma recordings, but the chance to own this at a good price is fantastic. The book is very well done and great to read while the album is playing. I will not talk about the actual recordings, since they are all fine, and as always I prefer some to others. But the fastness here is hard to beat. Report Abuse

 Massive, spectacular collection May 22, 2012
By Kevin Parker (Greenbelt, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I'd been tempted by this collection for some time. When ArkivMusic made it one of their weekend specials for less than half the list price, I could no longer resist. I'm still working my way through it, but it's one excellent CD after another, from straight classical music to some of Ma's more experimental efforts. Report Abuse

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