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 Authoritative accounts of the Vaughan Williams oe January 15, 2013
By David Greetham (Lenox, MA) -- See All My Reviews
This reissue of Adrian Boult's survey of the orchestral works of Vaughan Williams, including all nine of the symphonies, makes newly available the most authoritative account of these works. Boult had an intimate relationship with the composer, extending as far as the ninth symphony, and this shows both in the sweep of the orchestral color and in the attention to the balance in the details. Not even Boult can rescue the ill-fated ninth, which remains turgid and uninspiring compared to the enormous energy of, say, the second; but perhaps this last symphony is still awaiting its discovery and animation by other interpreters. In all, well worth investigating. Report Abuse

 A great collection January 12, 2013
By Dr. Mitchell Gurk (Spencer, MA) -- See All My Reviews
This set is my introduction to VW. To these ears his music is Bruckner-esque: mystical, universal, complex and wise. For example, Antarctic Sym. has the mysterious sweep of empty spaces without horizons or destinations, reminiscent of Frost, 'when life is too much like a pathless wood . . . ' but as music the experience is cognitive and visceral. And Sym. 4 is therapeutic when i am stuck in a rage of helplessness, by being supremely angry so as to overmatch and minimize that personal pain. Also, nicely paired on the same disc, if that sort of thing works for you, with the optimistic and satisfied feeling of Sym 6. What a range of consciousness to admire! Performance and recording up to high standards. Tho i find - perhaps due to modern recording - the 2003 Naxos, Daniels, Bournmouth Sym 4 to be a more fiery yet still well justified complaint. That disc has Flos Campi, lovely, and absent from this Boult collection. Report Abuse

 Definitive Vaughan-Williams December 6, 2012
By V. Guernon (South Kingstown, RI) -- See All My Reviews
Sir Adrian Boult was a lifefong friend and champion of Vaughn-Willimas. He recorded several of the symphonies numerous times, and he recorded the complete cycle of all nine twice: This one and a earlier cycle in the 1950's for Decca records. Boult's Vaughn-Williams is knowing, comfortable, and authoritative. He is also given a full and warm sound from the EMI engineers. There are other very fine cycles of these symphonies out there (Previn and Slatkin, to name two), but these are probably as definitive interpretations of these works as we are ever likely to hear. Report Abuse

 Boult THE master For Vaughan Williams October 1, 2012
By Gregory W. (Hinckley, OH) -- See All My Reviews
Boult's lifetime of devotion to (Ralph, pronounced "Reaf") Vaughan Williams pays off in spades in this near total collection. It is rare that one conductor can do justice to all the symphonies of a given composer, but Boult's mastery of William's nine is captivating. Also included are The Lark Ascending (Romance for Violin and Orchestra) which will float you away, Fantasia on Greesleeves (Aye, 'tis a lovely tune) and Fantasia on a Them by Thomas Tallis (for Double String Orchestra) which one noted reviewer has called "stained glass windows in sound" plus others for Vaughan Williams devotees only. Unresevedly recommended, particularly if you want all nine symphonies: Symphony #1, "A Sea Symphony" seems to have disappeared from the individual offerings of Ralph's discography. Report Abuse

 It doesn't get any better than this September 11, 2012
By Reginald Jones (Hamilton, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Sir Adrian Boult is the ideal interperter of Vaughan Williams music. These EMI recordings from later in his career reveal that a life time of experience conducting the master's works only increased his ability to communicate them to us. The sound is fine, and the cost of the eight CD package was so low that it felt more like theft than a purchase! Report Abuse

 A Great Collection September 11, 2012
By M B Walton (Gig Harbor, WA) -- See All My Reviews
I stumbled across "Serenade to Music" over 50 years ago, and fell in love with it. This is the performance I remember. That alone put this entire collection at the top of my play list. Report Abuse

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