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 Beautiful Field July 20, 2016
By Ganson Purcell (Amesbury, MA) -- See All My Reviews
Field's piano nocturnes are some of the sweetest music that exists. Ms Roe does a lovely job of interpretation. Report Abuse

 Remarkable for its Era  July 20, 2016
By Louis R. (Manchester, NH) -- See All My Reviews
Lovely music, beautifully played by pianist Roe. Field's nocturnes, revolutionary for his time, are a clear stimulus for Chopin's monumental perfection of the form. This album was featured on our local (New England) classical music station, and the result was a sellout! No wonder. Get it, you'll love it. Report Abuse

 Relaxing Field Nocturnes  June 21, 2016
By Barry L. (Santa Fe, NM) -- See All My Reviews
Beautifully played and recorded. Report Abuse

 They will lull you into bliss.  June 20, 2016
By Anthony G. (SANTA FE, NM) -- See All My Reviews
The most beautiful and sensually played Field Nocturnes ever composed and performed by Joy Roe. They will lull you into bliss. Report Abuse

 Relax and calm down. June 8, 2016
By Cedric Elmer (Seal Beach, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Relax and keep calm while listening to some "night music." I gave a copy to our daughter's sitter to help put our granddaughter to sleep. When there is an "active" child who needs some calming, music does it every time. Also, it's not too early to convey the idea that a woman can do anything including professional piano performance! Report Abuse

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