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 4 out of 5 are classics May 30, 2013
By J. Tatnall (West Grove, PA) -- See All My Reviews
Four of the five operas presented here are Soviet studio recordings of the Bolshoi during the 40s and 50s. They are outstanding for the dramatic intensity of the singers and conductors. The sound can vary a bit, but tends to be clear, up close mono recording. The Boris, Igor, Onegin, and Queen of Spades have all been singled out for praise over the years. The Sadko is a live performance from the 60s and suffers the most variable sound. But the cast is good and Svetlanov is a dynamic and riveting conductor. You will need to find texts on line, but the price makes this a very worthwhile collection. Report Abuse

 Could have been better, but still excellent! May 2, 2013
By P. Ledesma (Wellington, KS) -- See All My Reviews
I appreciated the opportunity to be able to affordably obtain this set of operas, but even though there were some exceptionally good moments there were some wrinkles. Maybe we were being spared more drudgery when an act was omitted from the Borodin, but when even the so called HIGHLIGHTS are performed blandly and uninspired, I found it difficult at first to sit through more than an hour at a time of this music. The decision to provide scant synopsis information compounded that frustration. I hope that my suggestion for opera sets like this - to provide more detailed printable synopsis downloads for a nominal fee - will receive some consideration. Both Tchaikovsky operas were pretty good, and Rimsky's Sadko under Svetlanov was tremendously well done with the exception of some slightly irritating drop offs in the recording quality in certain spots. Many historical musical heavyweights make outstanding performances along the way, and when I put it all on the scale I can recommend the set with less reservation than my initial listening experience would allow. Not a superior set, but still pretty excellent! Report Abuse

 Historic, idomatic performances April 29, 2013
By W. Snyder (Greenbelt, MD) -- See All My Reviews
One must always be concerned with old, often live performances remastered for CD and selling at bargain prices. In the case of this Bravissimo! Opera Library set of Russian operas, all from the Bolshoi Theater, the sound is generally very good, especially for the singers. And most important, these are historic performances by great Russian singers and players who perform this music better, or at least more idiomatically, than anyone else. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all five operas recorded on these discs. Report Abuse

 Russian Opera April 19, 2013
By Frances Vandervoort -- See All My Reviews
Sound quality is not ideal, but the performances are well done. Report Abuse

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